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Church Stewardship Ministry Growth CampaignsLast Updated: July 4th, 2020

Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Campaigns provide traffic to your Church Stewardship Ministry from people seeking help with budgeting, retirement, and debt.

Did you know that every day people outside the church and around your campus search for a ministry you offer? Doesn’t it make sense to connect with these people and let them know you have a solution to their problem?

The information in the Blog was shared with the audience at the 2017 CSN Annual Forum that occurred in Dallas, Texas.

Google Searches for Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Campaigns

People are searching Google for help with Christian Stewardship related needs.

Let’s take the keyword ‘retirement planning’ around Gateway Church in the Dallas, Texas area as an example. There are 882 searches each month for this search term. With a Google Search Campaign you can be at the top of the page for these 882 searches. As a Google Partner, we are able to forecast how many clicks you will get with big data analytics.

The goal is to provide those who search Google with a solution to meet their need and build a platform to bring these people in so your Church Stewardship Ministry can go deep to the heart of the issue.

People are searching Google for help with other money matters. The chart below shows Google local keyword traffic for financial keywords for five of our prominent megachurch clients. As you can see, people are searching about 401k, annuities, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, IRA, life insurance, living trust, retirement planning, wills, and budget.

KeywordGateway Church - TexasCentral Christian Church- ArizonaSaddleback Church - CaliforniaChrist Fellowship Church -FloridaVineyard Church - Ohio
debt consolidation530475365152185
life insurance59314252416010762751
living trust426370109594124
retirement planning8826261138308665


Your church Stewardship Ministry exists to help people with these kinds of questions so it makes perfect sense for you to make yourself visible to the people who are searching. And ministry growth means church growth.

Ads for Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Campaigns

The Google Search Network is a great tool for attracting people who need guidance with their personal finances. Ads can be connected to Ad Groups and Keywords. The table below shows the Ad Groups and Keywords of a typical Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Campaigns.

Ad GroupKeyword #1Keyword #2Keyword #3Keyword #4
Money TroubleDebt ConsolidationBankruptcyForeclsosureDefaulted Loan
Retirement Planning401kIRAAnnuitiesSocial Security
Budgeting GuidanceHow to BudgetHousing ExpenseCar LoanEntertainment Budget
Estate PlanningLiving TrustLiving WillCharitable TrustLife Insurance


The image below shows a Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Ad triggered by the Keyword ‘Retirement Planning’.


  • Retirement-Planning-Google-Gateway
  • MoneyProblems-Google-Gateway
  • BudgetGuidance-Google-Gateway


There are very specific requirements for Google Search Ads to maintain their Google Quality Score which are described in our blog titled Church Google Quality Score.



Landing Pages for Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Campaigns

It is very important that people who click through a Google Search Network Ad run by a church Stewardship Ministry land on a page that is relevant to the ad that they clicked on.

5The image below is hyperlinked to a sample page.




There are very specific requirements for a Landing Page which are described in our blog titled Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages. When executed correctly, church ministries can fuel church growth on Google.

Christian Stewardship Network

Here at Missional Marketing we are very proud of our long term support of Christian Stewardship Network. We have sponsored their Annual CSN Forum for many years. CSN is an abundant source of Christian Stewardship Best Practices.

They are a network of stewardship pastors and leaders who serve in local Christian congregations. Their mission is simple yet profound: connect stewardship pastors and leaders and help them be the absolute best they can be!

We shared the information in this blog about Stewardship Ministry Church Growth Campaigns at their 2017 forum and received a very enthusiastic response.

CSN Board Members Chris Goulard of Saddleback Church and Gunnar Johnson of Gateway Church are pictured below at a CSN event.

church stewardship ministry growth campaigns


Campaigns for Other Ministries

We can also provide your church with Felt Needs Campaigns to support other Ministries as described in our blog titled Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns.

We can support your Easter Outreach efforts as described in the article titled Church Online Easter Advertising.

To Get Started

Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian communications firm working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a Top 5% Certified Google Partner. So get in touch today, and we can get started on your Church Marketing Campaign.

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Here are channels that should be measured:

  1. Monthly church website visits
  2. Church Facebook Likes
  3. Church Google activity
  4. Size of church’s email list
  5. Other digital church growth measurement
  6. Church Facebook activity
  7. Church Video Channel views

Here are some examples of ministries commonly found in the church:

-Marriage Ministry
-Preschool Ministry
-Care Ministry
-Art's Ministry
-Parenting Ministry
-Kids Ministry
-Divorce Care Ministry
-Sports Ministry Ministry
-Singles Ministry
-Students Ministry
-Post Abortion Ministry
-Relationship Ministry
-Adult Ministry
-Mental Health Ministry
-Life Group Ministry
-Senior Ministry
-Recovery Ministry
-Prayer Ministry
-Men's Ministry
-Counseling Ministry
-Bible Study Ministry
-Women's Ministry
-Chronic Illness Ministry
-Financial Ministry
-Visitation Ministry

Positioning your church ministries on Google to fuel church growth is a very different strategy. But it is one that is guaranteed to increase your church’s online exposure in your community. The best part of this growth strategy is that you don’t have to start anything new- you already have men’s, women’s, and children’s ministries up and running.

Effectively positioning your church ministries on Google so that searchers are quickly directed to your page is a process. This is achieved using a combination of keyword-rich content, and paid advertising campaigns.

Churches must maximize church website SEO, church Facebook advertising, and church Google advertising. There are an abundance of inexpensive or even free tools that churches can exercise for this task. While church growth on Google or church growth and Facebook may seem to not compliment one another, they are, in fact, tandem pursuits. Finally, collaborating with a church marketing consultant is an increasingly valuable investment. Church ministry is about reaching people where they are, and a church marketing consultant will help maximize the ministry potential of church web traffic.

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