Church Social Media Campaigns Centered On Your Communities’ Felt Needs and Hunger for AnswersLast Updated: May 21st, 2021

In times like these, it can be a challenge for churches to cut through the noise of social media and Google search, in order to reach the audiences that desire help and the solutions that the church has real solutions and helpful answers. As we aim to reach far and wide to reach more people and bring them into our churches, it’s critical to increase the visibility for the solutions that are most important to our communities on our digital platforms, from our websites to social media. 

With the current state of the world, the search for real answers intensifies. People turn to social media and Google to find the answers they are desperate to find. What if your church was right there to help with well-thought-out responses to these questions? People are actively searching for answers to financial trouble, marriage issues, questions about God and so much more. 

Church Social Media

With 3.5 billion searches daily, people use Google search to explore life’s biggest questions, it is up to churches to help people discover solutions to the Felt Needs and the Answers in order to lead people closer to the hope they seek.

It starts first by understanding the needs of your community. As you get to know your church community, you may identify common needs, unifying trends and subgroups that emerge in conversations and requests. As you better understand the Felt Needs of your community, it helps to develop your website content with that in mind. This can be an effective way to address the needs of your community and to bring these subgroups deeper into connection with your church. 

As a result, your church will then position itself as a thought leader and a trusted advisor, helping the people and guiding the community with the hope and healing of Jesus Christ. 

church social media

Church Social media campaigns can help direct Felt Needs and Answers search engine traffic to your church website. However, while we know social media is effective, it can be a challenge to create and execute on a content plan in a way that is meaningful. From the ad copy to the graphics to the ad preferences, there is a library of resources that can leave the best of us wondering where to begin.  

Even if your ad campaign is effective, it’s one thing to get clicks to your website from the social media ads, but actually converting those clicks into meaningful interactions requires intention and real strategy. The hardest part of running these campaigns can be creating strong, relevant landing pages that connect with people in a real way.

We have solved this with Real-Life Interruptive Campaign Subscription. Real-Life Campaigns grants your church access to proven and tested church social media ads for every major social media platform. You are also equipped with 70 topic-specific pages that address life’s biggest spiritual questions and common concerns. The pages are ready-to-go and made to move spiritual seekers toward your church. 

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