Church Share/Invite Tool

Your church will reach more people when your members share your church’s solutions to life's challenges with the Church-Share Tool.

The Church-Share Tool places your church’s resources in your community's hands.
By sharing these resources, new connections to your church can be gently established.


Share & Invite

The Church-Share Tool makes it easy for church members to share articles, videos, and other resources that may be of interest to their friends and loved ones.

This is an add-on tool that leverages your existing Real-Life Subdomain pages that we provided with your Google Ad Grant Management subscription.

These articles and videos help you reach new audiences with meaningful advice while also introducing them to your church.

The Church-Share Tool can also integrate with your Sermon Video Library or Vimeo account for access to additional content to share.

This is a free add-on to certain service levels of our Google Ad Grant Management subscription.

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App Features

Flying Letter
shareable content
40+ topics of shareable content to help address individual needs are available from your Real-Life Subdomain landing pages
Easily share your church’s content via email or SMS
Reporting dashboard for church leadership shows what content is being shared
Integration with your church’s Sermon Video Library or Vimeo account further increases the amount of shareable content
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Customized to Your
Church's Brand

  • bulletPrimary Brand Color
  • bulletLogo
  • bulletSubdomain URL Prefix

It's Included With Google Ad Grant Management

This service is included in all Google Ad Grant Management subscriptions that have 4 or more campaigns.

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Printed Invitation Cards are Obsolete

For many years, churches have passed out printed invitation cards. In today’s connected world, that approach is obsolete. Here are the reasons why:

  • bulletAn online share and invite process is tailored to the interests of the recipient while a printed card is generic.
  • bulletMembers can only invite their loved ones to Christmas and Easter so many times before they get asked to “leave me alone about church”. This is the disadvantage of using the same approach over and over.
  • bulletOnline share and invite software dynamically entices people with videos, photos, and a graphically rich invitation experience while printed cards are limited to a single static message.
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Add it to Your Website Menu and Social Media

Your church members can access the Church Share/Invite Tool from your website’s main menu.
We also provide you with photos and text for posting on social media.