Church Sermon Videos Attract New Members to your Church

Church Sermon Videos Attract New Members to your ChurchLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

In the new age of the internet, connecting with individuals online is essential. Those churches who continue to grow their online presence also find numerical growth on Sunday mornings. Churches should ignore their online presence at their peril. Those that do will soon find themselves in the same boat as Blockbuster, Radio Shack, and the dinosaurs. Extinct.

One of the most interesting ways to increase your church’s online presence is through a Video Sermon Library. A sermon library will take your church sermons and place them in one easily searchable place, along with their transcripts.

The Video Library will catalog your church videos in a way that makes them easily searchable for Google. This means that Google will be ready to share your videos with the thousands of people searching for videos every single day.

Attract New Members to your Church

Every day many people scour the internet looking for answers from God on difficult topics. There’s a good chance your church has a sermon ready to help answer those questions. Your church’s Video Sermon Library will be optimized to connect your church’s sermons with those searching souls.

Imagine what will happen when hundreds of people in your local community look for help with depression and healing from divorce and sermons from your church pop up again and again. It won’t be long before they know to come to your church for answers.

Church Sermon Videos For the Win

As your local community connects your church with quality sermon videos, engagement will increase. So do not be surprised by numerous new people trying out your church. In this way, your Sermon Library can act like a free advertisement for your church. It showcases the quality and helpful teaching an individual will experience if they decide to visit your church on a Sunday morning.

Church Sermon Videos are a safe way for people to test out a church to figure out what it will be like to visit. Chances are a person will choose to visit a church with a sermon video over one that does not have one.

If your church is looking to take a new step in the online world, consider signing up for a Church Video Sermon Library from Missional Marketing.

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