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An effective content strategy will help engage visitors to your site, boost your ranking in Google Search, attract new visitors to your website, and boost social media exposure.

When it comes to improving your Google Ranking, Content is the most important factor

At Missional Marketing, we are here to help you devise and implement an effective content strategy. The first step is to add high-quality, keyword-rich content to your website.

A blog is a great way of adding this content. If you don't have a blog on your site already, we can create one for you. If already have a blog, our team of expert content writers can provide you with keyword-rich blog posts that will delight your audience and boost your SEO.

Over the past year, dozens of churches have trusted us to implement optimized content and landing pages on their websites


People are seeking answers that your sermons provide, but with your current video page, they can’t find your sermons online. The Sermon Video Library makes your sermons found in Google, leveraging your existing content in an extremely powerful way.

Spreading the hope, faith, and love of Jesus is the calling of your church. Making sure that message is findable by people searching for answers online is our obsession. The Search Engine Optimization process we deploy with the Sermon Video Library ensures that your church’s outreach is taken to a whole new level.

A Sermon Video Library can help your transformative sermons reach the unchurched when they are the most receptive to allowing God into their hearts


Landing pages boost SEO, increase visitor engagement and lower bounce rates.

Landing Pages allow you to deliver optimized content to coincide with what a Google user is searching for.

There are hundreds of Felt Needs that a user could be searching for. They could be looking for answers related to any number of ministries, from Marriage Support and Women's Groups to Grief Counseling and Addiction Services.

It just doesn't make sense to deliver all therse different searchers to the same page (usually your homepage). Thye simply will not find the answers they are looking for.

With Church Landing Pages, you can deliver them to a page that is rich with content related to questions they are asking. This makes the visitor much more likely to engage with your church, both on and offline.


When someone is searching for answers, in today’s world it is often Google they turn to. They will conduct a search on Google, and will receive many answers from many sources.
You want your church to be here to answer these questions

Someone is Searching for Answers

Instead of being delivered to your home page, which will likely have little content to answer their questions, they will be delivered to a Landing Page. This page will be optimized with keywords that relate to their questions, and will lead them to relevant answers. 

Your church gives them the answers they are looking for

The visitor will engage with your website, and will feel trust for your church. These visitors are much more likely to return to your website, and also to attend your church.

We can show you exactly how it works and the power of Content Marketing

We can show you exactly how it works and the power of Content Marketing

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