Use retargeting to re-engage seasonal visitors to your website throughout the rest of the year.

Church Retargeting Campaign

Your church already sees spikes in traffic to its website during the weeks of Christmas and Easter, and with our retargeting code added to your website, you can tag their phone, tablet, or computer with retargeting cookies that allows you to deliver banner ads to them later on.

This is one of the best ways to remind them of your church and invite them back again after the holiday has passed.

Here's How it Works:

1. A visitor will land on your web page, either through a search engine, social media channel, or referral from a friend. We often see a spike in website visits at certain times of the year such as Christmas and Easter.

2. A tracking cookie is attached to the visitor. You have probably experienced cookies yourself when visiting various sites such as Amazon. This cookie allows a visitor to be tracked after they leave your website, and reached out to in the future.

3. The cookie allows us to re-engage that user through a remarketing campaign. This involves serving banner advertising images promoting your church to the user on various other websites that they land on, then lead them back to your church's website.

You can choose from two types of retargeting: Website Retargeting, or Facebook Retargeting.

We can show you exactly how it works, and how we can increase web traffic to your church.

We can show you exactly how it works, and how we can increase web traffic to your church.

Website Retargeting


Bring Back Lost Visitors

Retargeting allows you to engage with previous visitors to your site, and re-engage with them.


Increase New Visitors to your Church

Retargeting helps to convert these website visitors into visitors to your church.


Find New Outreach Channels

You can see where your ads perform best, and target those channels more directly.


Reach Beyond Google

Missional Marketing uses a real-time bidding platform that serves your ads across Google, OpenX, Rubicon, and every other top network.

Facebook Retargeting

facebook retargeting

Bring Back Lost Visitors

Almost 30% of U.S. ad impressions occur on Facebook, so it makes sense to use those impressions for retargeting using your own first-party audience data.

facebook retargeting

Increase you Audience

As visitors re-engage with your site, your church will also become more visible to their wider network of connections.



If you choose to use our dashboard, you can get detailed analytics on how your campaign is performing.

facebook retargeting

User Data Firewall

Missional Marketing and Facebook use anonymous cookies to place ads and do not share or exchange any data whatsoever.


When running a remarketing campaign, it is important to carefully monitor how it is performing, so you can make tweaks and improvements on the fly.

To make this process as simple as possible, Missional Marketing can offer clients their own dedicated dashboard, and they can see how their campaign is performing at a glance.

Here you can track statistics such as:

  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad Clicks
  • Engagement
  • Conversion Rates
  • Total Calls Received
  • High Performing Keywords
  • Facebook/Instagram Performance
  • Desktop vs Mobile
church retargeting dashboard
retargeting dashoboard
church retargeting dashboard

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