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Church Online Easter AdvertisingLast Updated: July 6th, 2020

Thinking about launching an Easter advertising campaign for your church? Click here for more information and how to get started.

Do the unchurched search Google for Easter Services? Are you focused on inviting new families to Easter this year? Unchurched and churchless families are willing to go to church on Easter if invited, with research from the Barna Group showing that 47% of unchurched would come if invited. 47% is a significant number of people, but how are you going to reach them? In today’s world, people “Google” Easter Services to find churches. As a result, to reach them you have to engage in Church Online Easter Advertising.

In the digital age, the best way to reach the masses is through a targeted Church Online Easter Advertising campaign. This will reach them through their computers, smartphones and social media. Research shows people spend ten hours looking at a screen on their connected devices each day. Reach people where they are in your community, and have your church’s Easter Invitation be seen on websites, apps, games, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Online Easter Ad  Online Easter Ad
This is what we specialize in at Missional Marketing, and we have helped other churches fill their seats at their Easter services using digital marketing. It’s less expensive and more effective than other types of church advertising.

We can help you widen your reach with an effective, targeted, and affordable Church Online Easter Advertising Campaign, customized to your church by our experts. Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian communications firm working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a Top 5% Certified Google Partner. This is a fantastic and successful way to increase the number of people you serve this Easter.

Let’s not waste this huge opportunity to invite them. We can show you just how easy, fast and affordable it is to do!

Church Online Easter Advertising in Google Display Network

If you are looking to reach your audience in time for Easter, the most effective way is through the Google Display Network. Google AdWords is split into two networks, the Search Network and the Display Network. When advertising on the Search Network, businesses place text ads in the search engine results. On the Display Network, businesses instead place display ads on a huge network of sites across the internet. This is an excellent way to target people as  no matter what site they are visiting, they will still see your ad.

Online Easter Ad   Online Easter Ad
Just like in the Search Network, Google calculates a Quality Score for your Display Network ads. You can read our recent article on how the Church Google Quality Score works to find out more. The Quality Score is ranked from 1-10, and determines how prominent your ad will be on different sites, and  also how it will perform against other ads that are bidding for the same ad space.  A key indicator Google looks for when calculating your Quality Score is relevance.

To attain a Quality Score that is high, it is vital that your ad links to a landing page that is relevant to your ad. Read our recent article so you can see how to create a relevant landing page for your church.

Church Online Easter Advertising


You can read more about the Google Display Network here.

You can click here to see some Google Display ads we ran for churches in the past.

Church Online Easter Advertising in Google Search Network

The Google Search Network goes hand in hand with the Google Display Network, so a successful marketing push will often incorporate both. While the Display Network shows your ads to people though websites across the internet, the Search Network serves people your ads when they perform a search in Google. It is vital to appear at the top of the results in Google, and the Google Search Network allows you to pay to appear here, although you must also have a good Google Quality Score to achieve the best results.

When putting together a Search Network Church Online Easter Advertising campaign, you create Ad Groups so that you bundle multiple keywords together. This ensures that you maximize your ads reach across a wide number of possible searches. Each Ad Group leads to it’s own landing page, which is optimized for the keywords in the Ad Group, and as a result will receive a higher Google Quality Score. You can read more about Church Google Ad Groups here.

It is vital to attain a good Google Quality Score so that your advertisement performs to its potential. The better your Quality Score, the higher you will rank in Google, as you can see in the graph below.

Church Google Quality Score Chart


Church Online Easter Advertising in Facebook and Instagram

Along with Google, the best way to engage with your potential audience is undoubtedly through social media. Sponsored posts through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to effectively target very specific demographics. Facebook is particularly useful in this regard because Facebook has so much information about its users it allows you to really narrow down your targeting to an exact audience. To create a Facebook ad you first create a post, that outlines your message, and also has an accompanying image, as posts with images perform better that those without. You then ‘boost’ your post. This allows you to select you preferred budget, and also select specific demographics that you want to reach based on age, gender, location and interests.

Online Easter Ad   Online Easter Ad
Like in your Google Search Network and Google Display Network ads, when a user clicks on your sponsored post on Facebook, they should be delivered to a relevant landing page that outlines your message. Advertising on social media also has the added benefit that your post could go viral. People might share your post, or tag their friends, and as a result your church gets additional exposure.

You can click here to see some Easter Facebook ads we ran for churches in the past.

Church Online Easter Advertising with Google/Facebook Combo Campaigns

Many churches prefer to give us a total budget in advance. We can use our expertise to allocate it effectively among Google Display Network, Google Search Network, and Facebook.

We offer a range of options for your campaign, so you can suit your exact goals and budget. Get in touch today so we can get started on attracting new visitors to your church this Easter.

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While ensuring that your landing pages contain relevant keywords is important, there are also a number of on-page SEO techniques you can use to ensure your pages fulfill their potential.

  1. Page Titles: Your page titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your site, so write a title that matches the Focus Keyword for the page.
  2. Meta Descriptions: Give your page a Meta Description that is relevant to the Keyword you are optimizing for, and also make sure the description contains your focus keyword.
  3. Keyword Placement: Write the Focus Keyword into the first paragraph of the page.
  4. Meta Tags: Tag the pages with keywords so that they match the keywords in the Felt Needs Ad Groups.
  5. Image Tags: Tag images that appear on the page with alternative text so they match the focus Keyword.
  6. URL Structure: Include the Focus Keyword in the page’s URL.
  7. Word-count: Ensure your page has at least 300 words, because Google loves pages with lots of content.
  8. Body Tags: Use headers that contain your focus keyword (H1, H2, etc.).
  9. Keyword Density: Insert your Focus Keyword into your webpage at least once for every 100 words.
  10. Internal Linking: Link to other pages within your site using keywords as anchor text.

Retargeting and remarketing describe a technique for showing ads to people who have previously visited your church’s website. This is accomplished by placing code on your website that tracks your visitors called ‘cookies’.

Retargeting generates targeted online advertising by keeping your church in front of previous visitors,  and bringing them back when they’re ready to attend a church event. Every time your prospective church attenders sees your retargeting ads, your church gains a “share of mind” and more recognition. The high click-through rates and increased conversions that often occur with retargeting campaigns demonstrate the excellent value of these campaigns.

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