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Church Online: A New RealityLast Updated: March 21st, 2020

Millions of Americans are now attending church online as Coronavirus concerns have reached a fever pitch here in the United States. Now more than ever, churches who have struggled to catch up to modern-day standards of web presence needed for any organization are scrambling to bridge the gap. Deficiencies in a church’s online presence become glaringly obvious when the option for in-person services no longer exists, and this is the real challenge that many Christian churches are facing today. Missional Marketing is uniquely positioned to help churches overcome this challenge and thrive in a digital age, and we feel that it’s our true calling to navigate our clients through these types of uncharted waters.

Here are our top 4 most important offerings for churches who have suspended their in-person services:

#1Church at Home Landing Pages

Church at Home Landing Pages

Our customized Church at Home landing pages allow churches to create an online church community for their congregations. As panic sweeps the nation, people are seeking new ways to stay connected to each other and to God. Churches have an opportunity to utilize their websites to provide people with a “church online” platform. These landing pages can feature a variety of helpful information, including live streaming services, recorded recent sermons, encouragement from church leaders, and more.

#2Online Sermon Video Consulting

Sermon Video Consulting

Pastors have the ability to uplift their church congregations with powerful messages of strength and hope in this unsettling time. Sermon videos are the primary component for a successful church online launch, and we’re helping churches overcome this obstacle both quickly and efficiently. We’ll assess your budget and current infrastructure to find the best solution at the lowest cost to you. If you need additional web development outside of the typical scope, we’ll talk you through what that would look like at our standard hourly rates.

#3Online Giving Consulting

Online Giving Consulting

Just because church doors are closed doesn’t mean church expenses are discontinued. We’ll help encourage those current and potential church online visitors to keep on giving and provide them with a simple online option. We’ll assess your needs and make our best recommendations, as well as help you get your online giving functionality up on your site. Don’t let lack of an online giving option keep your church stuck during this time.

#4Digital Advertising for Church Online

Digital Advertising for Church Online

Getting out the word about church online is just as important as getting it set up. Target your current congregation and local audiences through Facebook and Google ads. We’ll set you up with customized ads that ensure you have church online members tuning in and supporting your new online community.

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