Church Ministries Can Fuel Church Growth on Google

Church growth is like a great treasure and treasures are often found in strange places. A few years ago a man from New Jersey found an incredibly rare painting hidden in his aunt’s attic under an old sewing machine. The piece is possibly from Pablo Picasso and was appraised at $13 million! Although your church probably doesn’t have a Picasso sitting in the attic (although that’d be nice), it does have a hidden treasure waiting with untapped church growth potential. This great growth treasure is the various and vibrant ministries of your church. Church Ministries refer to any group your church has gathered to serve or connect people. Church ministries can undoubtedly fuel church growth. So here are some examples of ministries commonly found in the church:

Ministry Outreach   
Marriage MinistryPreschool MinistryCare MinistryArt's Ministry
Parenting MinistryKids MinistryDivorce Care MinistrySports Ministry Ministry
Singles MinistryStudents MinistryPost Abortion MinistryCafé
Relationship MinistryAdult MinistryMental Health MinistryBookstore
Life Group MinistrySenior MinistryRecovery Ministry
Prayer MinistryMen's MinistryCounseling Ministry
Bible Study MinistryWomen's MinistryChronic Illness Ministry
Financial MinistryVisitation Ministry

The secret to leveraging your church’s ministries so that they help fuel church growth is found through Google. People are searching Google everyday for answers to the deep questions of life. They want to know how to fix their marriage, get out of debt, or read the Bible for the first time. The trick is helping Google know about your church’s ministries so they can let all the people out there searching for that very thing, know about them too. If you are willing to put a little work into this process, Google will gladly connect all kinds of searching people to your church.

Why Use Church Ministries to Fuel Church Growth

Many church growth strategies involve doing something new that your church has never done before. For example you might need to update your music, sound system, logo, follow-up system or building. These updates will probably cost a lot of time, energy, and money and who knows if they’ll actually contribute towards church growth.

Positioning your church ministries on Google to fuel church growth is a very different strategy. But it is one that is guaranteed to increase your church’s online exposure in your community. The best part of this growth strategy is that you don’t have to start anything new- you already have men’s, women’s, and children’s ministries up and running. Chances are every Sunday you’re inviting congregants to join your addiction recovery ministry or to sign up to serve the homeless. You’ve already made the investment in these ministries and their leadership so you don’t have to invest anything new for them to succeed. They’re ripe and ready for people to join them today!

Most likely you won’t have to change a single thing about your church ministries before positioning them to better connect with searching people on Google. It’s basically taking something you already do well and more effectively connecting that thing with people who need it. In fact leveraging your church’s ministries to connect to searching people on Google may be the easiest growth strategy you’ve ever tried.

How Can the Church Use Ministries to Fuel Church Growth

Effectively positioning your church ministries on Google so that searchers are quickly directed to your page is a process. Below are a few things you can begin working on today to help your church ministries fuel church growth.

Start with Keywords

When someone begins a search on Google, the site scours the web for the most relevant information. It uses a complex mathematical algorithm to find that relevant information, but one important piece is keywords. These are the words or phrases Google sees when looking through your church’s various webpages. The stronger and more relevant your church’s webpage to the topic a person is searching for, the more likely Google will give placement of your information higher in its search results.

Think about what keywords would best describe each of your church’s many ministries. Then, consider which keyword would be most searched for on Google in your community (Google Trends can help). Make sure to create a webpage dedicated to these specific ministries. On that webpage, make sure to use your keyword often to strengthen your webpage’s connection to that specific keyword. Check out this article to learn more about how to use keywords effectively, or try our keyword analyzer tool below.



Two Ways to Get Searchers Landing on Your Church Website

  1. Organic Church Website Optimization: This refers to the traffic to your website or a specific webpage that happens naturally, and more importantly, for free. Creating webpages that emphasize keywords connected to your church’s ministries are a great start. But, you also need to make sure those webpages are interesting, high quality, and load as quickly as possible. Also, make sure to add in links to other pages in your site so that searchers will spend more time exploring content.
  2. Paid Google Search Campaigns: This refers to paid advertisements on Google. Google can show your ad in two ways. First, they can show your ads through their huge network of websites called their Google Display Network (examples here). Second, Google can show display your ad after a relevant search in Google, called a Google Search Network (examples here). Ads in both places can effectively bring awareness to your church ministries and begin fueling church growth. You can learn more about effectively creating a Google ad here.

For extra help, check out this video, showing you how to set up your first ad on Google.

We’re Here to Help

Positioning your church’s ministries on Google to help fuel church growth will be a process. You may not be able to fix everything in one day, but you can start taking steps to leverage the amazing ministries your church already has today. Pastors know hurting people are out there searching, Google can help connect those people to your ministries. The best news is you don’t have to walk this road alone. The Google experts at Missional Marketing are ready to walk through this process with your church to help your ministries become as visible as possible on Google.

Get Started

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