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“The heart and passion our friends at MM have to reach the lost is identical to ours. True experts in SEO and brought us into a much better digital presence. They come highly recommended!”

Marty Sawyers, Executive Pastor
Cornerstone Church, Chandler, AZ

“I love working with the MM team. They have great insight into digital marketing and ways to reach people who don’t usually come to our church.”

Kelly Fann, Communications
The Hills Church, Dallas, TX

“Instrumental in helping us with digital ads to reach unchurched people. They know our target audience and bring the results we are looking for.”

Brian Beckner, Executive Pastor
Community Christian Church, FL

There are three rings to your website traffic. Are you reaching all three? Read this important summary of how you should view your church marketing to build web traffic in 2018 and register for a personal overview.

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