Church Landing Pages Reach Unchurched People

Church Landing Pages Reach Unchurched PeopleLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

Most people search online because they are looking for an answer to a question, or solve a specific problem they have. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer to most questions, therefore a single home page cannot deliver to all just what they need. This is where church landing pages come into play and how they can make your online presence count.

A landing page, as its name suggests, is a page where people “land” on. It leads your visitors to take the specific action you want them to take. Those pages will help you achieve your online goals and reach unchurched people!

Prepare for Landing

Have you ever been to church, and the preacher spoke on the exact issue you are personally dealing with? This is always special as you don’t have to ask yourself how it can apply to your life. The call-to-action is obvious, and you know just what to do next. That is precisely what you can offer with the church landing pages.

The landing page design offers a stand-alone page that focuses on the single subject or issue you wish to solve or offer support for. The options are limited to those pages, narrowing the focus, and making the call-to-action effective. The visitor is given information pertaining to their need, and are led to click to learn more. Clicking through to the next step gets them to engage with your website.

In a way, it’s like inviting your online visitors to an empty room entirely painted white, with a massive red button that says, “push,” in the middle of it. No distractions, only a call-to-action. When people look for help, with depression, for instance, their search leads them to that room and all they have to do is click to get a solution.

Once you’ve prayed and put into place a powerful strategy to connect with your audience online, you can get them to see that your church has what they need. When they answer the call-to-action on the given landing page, they get connected with the ministry that can help them. That includes churched and unchurched people alike!

What Is So Special About Church Landing Pages?

For starters, the pages are so focused, they don’t even have a menu button. The goal is to squeeze the page visitor down to a specific action, such as clicking through to the page on the church’s website that corresponds with the ministry that serves the need/keyword searched for.

The pages are clean, breezy, and uncluttered, and the calls-to-action have been positioned to maximize click-through-rates (user response to your call-to-action). When your content is relevant for the visitor, your score at Google goes up and your ads perform better.

We offer the option of church landing page templates which include continuous optimization from us. Because we have carefully optimized the landing pages with many appropriate elements such as titles, headings, meta tags, and keywords, it is best that we perform any changes on them to ensure their continued performance.

Offer Specific Solutions to Reach Unchurched People

When someone searches Google for something related to your keywords, your ad will appear. Search Engine Optimization is at the core of what we do, and what you need.

These questions could relate to any of the visitor’s Felt Need, such as crisis support, marriage support, parenting support, community outreach, serving, youth activities, grief care, addiction recovery, Bible study, nearby churches, or personal finance.

Our landing pages are not only powerful in that they help people connect with the provision to their need. They also deliver people who are searching for answers into the arms of your church. Reach believers and unbelievers, churched and unchurched, and have the maximum impact with our landing pages!

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