How Church Landing Pages Help both Google Search and Google Display CampaignsLast Updated: May 1st, 2020

Church landing pages can help boost your church’s next Google Ad Campaign. Google is always looking to connect those searching with the most relevant content. This search extends to the ads they choose to show people. If an ad says, “New Year Resolutions,” but takes people to a website filled with vacuum cleaners, then that ad would not be shown very often. If, on the other hand, an ad for New Year’s resolutions takes people to a site filled with information about that specific subject, then that ad will be shown more often.

This same concept applies to a church’s paid-search ads. If your church posts an ad for a “Christmas Service,” but it links to your general website, this would be confusing. When Google looks at your church’s main site, it probably sees information about all sorts of subjects. This confusion would keep Google from showing your ad too many times so as to not encourage confusing advertisements.

Helping Your Google Ad Campaign

Church Landing pages fix this problem. A landing page is a web page dedicated to one specific topic. If your church is creating paid search ads, or display advertisements on Google, then you should create dedicated church landing pages for those ads.

For example, imagine if your church created a paid search ad to advertise your ministry to the homeless. You could create a landing page that speaks all about your church’s ministry. Then, when a person is looking for a ministry to help the homeless and click on your ad, they’ll be sure to find exactly what they’re looking for. Google likes this kind of connection and will be sure to connect more people to your website.

The Good News

The good news is that even after your paid search ad campaign ends, Google will still rank your landing page high for the landing page dedicated to that ministry and continue sending web traffic your way.

The better the connection between your advertisements and church landing pages, the more likely Google will show your ads. The more Google shows your ads, the more people will likely see them and click on them. Increased site visitors will eventually increase the number of those visiting your church and church ministry.

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