Church Landing Page Subscriptions

Church Landing Page Subscriptions provide affordable access to relevant fast loading pages that are optimized to ministry related keywords. These are perfect for linking Google Church Search Campaigns, Google Church Display Campaigns, and Facebook Church Campaigns.

When one of our church landing page templates found in our Church Landing Page Library is used as a starting point, we charge $40 per page to set a page up, and $10 per page, per month to continuously maintain and optimize the church landing page. These pages are carefully branded to each church.

It is unwise for churches to change the design elements of the Landing Pages themselves, because we have carefully optimized them with appropriate titles, headings, meta tags, and keywords. Find out what keywords your church website is currently optimized for with our Keyword Analyzer tool.

If a church chooses to go with customized Landing Pages, we charge $350 per page, however most churches are far better off to work with our template subscriptions.

The key to successful campaigns is to have one keyword per ad, have that keyword in the headline of the ad, and link to a landing page optimized to that keyword.

Page load time must be very fast as well; ideally about 2 seconds.

In our ongoing optimization efforts, we are able to make fast changes to keywords, fast changes to calls to action, and fast changes to copy and images. This enables us to maintain consistently high Google Quality Scores. Quality scores are vital to the performance of your Google Ads, so it is essential that you achieve a good score.

Important Church Landing Pages have the following attributes:

  1. They support keywords that resonate with the core of Christ’s message.
  2. Their keywords generate sufficient Google traffic.
  3. The keywords associated with the Landing Pages impact a meaningful percentage of people.
  4. There is often a shortfall of relevant content on a church’s website for the keywords associated with these Landing Pages.

Here are some examples of successful landing pages:

Our church landing page designs omit the church’s menu deliberately. The reason for this is that a Landing Page has the goal of squeezing the page visitor down to a specific action, such as clicking through to the page on the church’s website that corresponds with the ministry that serves that keyword.

Church Google Search Campaigns Click Through to Church Landing Page Subscriptions

The Google Search Network is a highly effective way to appear in the first few results when someone searches Google. This is vital, because most people do not scroll past these first few results. To create a Google Search Network advertisement, first you create a list of your ministries that you want to advertise. You then bundle related keywords together with each ministry in what is called an Ad Group. Here are some examples of ministries and related keywords:

Ad GroupKeyword 1Keyword 2
Churchchurches near mechristian churches
Prayerprayer requestprayer chain
Bible Studybible studybible study guide
Marriagemarriage counselingmarriage classes
Parentingparenting classesparenting advice
Preschoolpreschoolpreschool near me
Elementaryelementaryelementary schools near me
Studentsmiddle school activitieshigh school activities
Young Adultsyoung adult activitiesevents for young adults
Men's Activitiesmen's activitiesevents for men
Women's Activitieswomen's activitiesevents for women
Financialbudgetingdebt counseling
Volunteer Oppurtunitiesvolunteer oppurtunitiesvolunteer opportunities near me
Local Missionsserve locallyvolunteer locally
Global Missionsserve overseasvolunteer overseas
Counselingfamily counselingchristian counseling
Griefgrief counselinggrief support
Denominationscatholic churchbaptist church

Once you have your Ad Groups created, next you must create an optimized landing page for each group. It is important that you create a landing page for each term so the content that a visitor is delivered to is relevant to the search they conducted. For example, it wouldn’t make any sense to deliver someone who searches for ‘Divorce Counseling’ to the same page as someone who searched for ‘Alcohol Addiction’.

While having an optimized landing page for each term improves the relevance of your content to your visitors, is also gets you brownie points in the eyes of Google. The more relevant your landing page is to your Ad Group keywords, the higher Google Quality Score your ad will receive. As a result, your ad will perform better.

After you implement a Google Search Campaign, when someone searches Google for something related to your keywords, your ad will appear, as seen in the images below.

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions

  • Church Landing Page Subscriptions


Church Google Display Campaigns Click Through to Church Landing Page Subscriptions

While the Google Search Network enables your church to be found by people searching on Google, the Google Display Network allows them to find you everywhere else on the web. The Google Display Network allows you to create a visual advertisement, and distributes it across the internet through Google’s partner sites. Google’s network is huge, with over 14 million websites involved, including internet giants such as YouTube.

When a person in your target demographic visits one of these sites, they will be shown an engaging display advertisement like the ones below.

Just like the Google Search Network, it is important that each advertisement leads the person who clicks it to an optimized landing page, because more relevant your landing page, the better the overall user experience will be for your visitors, which will keep them coming back for more. Church Landing Page Subscriptions make setting up these pages simple, and also delivers people who are searching for answers into the arms of your church.

Church Facebook Campaigns Click Through to Church Landing Page Subscriptions

Along with Google, Facebook is the most effective tool available online to promote your church. It allows you to target specific demographics due to the vast amount of data it has on its users. With Facebook advertising, it is easy to target a demographic such as ‘Men aged 18-24, living in Atlanta, Georgia, whose interests include choir singing’. You can customize your advertisement to suit whatever demographic you are targeting.

Below we have some examples of successful Facebook ads. They all include an image, so the person can get the gist of the advertisement at a glance. They all include a headline to further inform the reader what the ad is about. Finally, they all include a call to action. This is the Learn More’ button, which delivers the person who clicks the ad to an optimized landing page.


Setting Up a Subdomain for Church Landing Page Subscriptions Managed by Missional Marketing

To ensure that the church landing page contributes to the church’s Search Engine Optimization around the associated keyword, it is set it up in a subdomain for the church.

In order to have the newly created Landing Pages exist as a part of your Christian organization’s web domain structure, Missional Marketing needs you to set up a CNAME. The steps needed are described below. These steps will take you through setting up a subdomain for landing pages managed by Missional Marketing.

Please note that changes to your CNAME records can take up to 48 hours to propagate, so we kindly ask that you do this process very soon after we request it so that we can keep your organization’s advertising campaigns on schedule.

Set up a CNAME Record

A Canonical Name (CNAME) record allows a URL to show your landing pages hosted at a different domain. So, in the name of good URL etiquette, you need a CNAME record to link your landing page URL to your root domain, which consequently connects your landing page URL to your company’s primary website. By creating a CNAME record, you simply tell your domain “” to display the pages you have hosted over at

Start by logging into your DNS provider:

Once you are in, you’ll need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider (or wherever your domain is managed) to point at our hosts, in this case ( ).

You can follow the steps below or contact your hosting provider’s support team directly.

  1. Sign in to your domain hosting service
  2. Navigate to your DNS management page
  3. Find the CNAME record settings
  4. Create a new CNAME record
  5. For example, you’d enter “try” to set up “”
  6. NOTE: Because you already have a website at “” you’ll need to set up the subdomain “” for your landing pages
  7. Enter “try” in the ‘Host Name’ field
  8. Next, enter” in the ‘Alias Host Name’ field
  9. Finally, enter “300” in the TLL field
  10. Save the changes to your DNS records
  11. Send an email to Ray Grantham telling him you have finished setting up the CNAME, please specify the sub-domain that you have assigned to the CNAME Record. Example:

Example of CNAME Record Form:

Church Landing Page Subscriptions

Below are specific instructions for some of the popular hosts:

• 1&1

• BlueHost

• DreamHost

• GoDaddy [VIDEO]

• HostGator

• MediaTemple

• NameCheap

• Network Solutions

For providers that use cPanel (e.g. LunarHost, Monster Host, SiteCloud, JustHost) you can follow these cPanel set up instructions

Setting Up a ‘Naked Domain’

Most people will not need the information below; however here are instructions for – Setting Up Your ‘Naked’ Domain

If you’re using a root domain (a domain that normally starts with “www.”), you’ll want to ensure visitors can reach your page without the “www.” as well.

To do that you’ll need to set up as follows:

1. Ensure that the CNAME is set up as described above

2. Create an A Record with your hosting provider for your naked domain (eg.

3. Configure the A Record towards

Support for Setting Up a Subdomain for Church Landing Page Subscriptions Managed by Missional Marketing

If you need help with this process, please contact Ray Grantham. His email address is

To Get Started

Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian communications firm working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a Top 5% Certified Google Partner. So get in touch today, and we can get you started with our Church Landing Page Subscriptions.

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