Church Keywords that Reach People Who are Ready for Jesus

Church Keywords that Reach People Who are Ready for JesusLast Updated: April 1st, 2020

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” Jesus said in Matthew 11:28. As the body of Christ, it is important that the church is in the right place to reach people when they are seeking Jesus. Often, people turn to the internet and search Google to learn more about Christianity. Therefore, the church can reach millions of unchurched people online. There are certain church keywords that reach people who are ready for Jesus.

The church keywords we’re referring to could be collectively referred to as “pain words”. The uncomfortable truth is many people find Jesus in the midst of trials such as depression, divorce, death, disease, debt, miscarriage, infertility, anxiety, abortion remorse, addiction, and job loss.  It would be a great relief to these hurting people if they found a church online that offered support.

Pain Keywords

Depression & Anxiety WordsDisorder WordsDivorce WordsCancer WordsAlcohol & Addiction WordsGrief Words
depressionadhddivorce lawyerbreast cancercodependencygrief counseling
insomniaaddhow to get a divorcecancer patient12 step programgrief share
anxietyobsessive compulsive disorderdivorce carecancer diagnosisalcohol detoxgrief support
panic attacksaddivorce counselingcancer supportalcohol treatmentpastoral care
post traumatic stress disordermanic depressiondivorce supportcancer counsellingalcohol recoverystages of grief
ptsdhoardingsupport for cancerrehabilitation center
fearautismheroin addiction
bipolar disorderhypertensionmeth addiction
gambling addiction
pornographic addiction

Importance of Reaching People Online

Many methods of reaching the unchurched that once occurred in the print world, now takes place online. Bible study takes place online for many people. However, many unchurched people often need a mature Christian to guide them. Evangelism can also occur online through the testimonies of your church members, the podcasts of your sermons, postings of your daily messages, and live prayers that are displayed on Facebook or your church’s website. However, the use of church keywords allows people who are unfamiliar with the church to find needed support through an honest search for help . By using “pain words” for your church’s Google AdWords, and also for your church’s Facebook Ad campaigns, you can share the message of Christ to people who are willing to humbly receive it.

Church Keywords that Reach People Who are Ready for Jesus and Google Search Volume

Keyword search volume isn’t the only consideration when a church is using Google to reach people. Although “pain words” may not always have the highest search volume, these words should always be present in church’s Google Campaigns and a church’s Facebook campaigns. Why? Because many people need Jesus and they need compassionate Christian support. Impacting the lives of a few people or a hundred people is much greater than not reaching people at all, hence the need for online church advertising.  When it comes to informing people about Jesus, having the highest search volume is not most important.  It is more important to reach those who have the greatest need for Christian guidance. Find out what keywords your church website ranks for with our Keyword Analyzer tool.

Below you can find some pain words being used in Facebook campaigns:


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