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Church Invitation Cards are ObsoleteLast Updated: October 21st, 2021

Have you ever picked up church invitation cards from the lobby or parking lot of your church? Or maybe you wonder if the dollars you invest in the labor-intensive process of design, print, and distribution of your church invitation cards are even translating into visitors. 

For many years, churches have passed out printed invitation cards in hopes of members finding the right opportunity to pass that card along. However, in today’s connected world, that approach is obsolete.

invitation cards

Here are the reasons why:

One generic church invitation card can’t possibly meet the needs of every individual in your church. 

Many churches are filled with diverse audiences from various races, ages, backgrounds, and economic statuses. A church invitation card serves the seemingly impossible chore of reaching their hearts and minds with a limited amount of words and pictures.

In this digital age, we need more effective ways to invite people to church.

When someone is invited to church, we need a way to meet people where they are. Jesus talked to the woman at the well with a unique story about her situation that caused her to move with excitement to tell others about his ministry. What if we could meet people at the unique place of their needs so they would feel that same excitement and go tell others? 

Here’s how you can invite people to church in a better, more meaningful way:

1. Invite Someone To Church By Sending a Text Message

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Studies show that 81% of Americans text every day, and over 6 billion text messages are sent every day. What if we could capitalize on this number by finding ways to share the good news of Jesus with an effective text message explicitly tailored to the needs of a friend or loved one. 

2. Invite Someone to Church Using Social Media 

invitation cards


Another strategy that we’ve seen grow more each year is churches’ usage of social media. With the 2020 global pandemic of COVID-19, churches turned to social media to connect with their church members and in hopes of growing their influence to reach the unchurched. Facebook has seen an 11 percent increase in overall usage, while YouTube usage in the United States grew from 71 percent of adult usage in 2019 to 83 percent of adult usage in 2021.

As churches expand their social media presence, more people discover videos, inspiration, and resources to guide them through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

3. Invite Someone to Church Using Church Share-Invite Tool 

invitation cards


The Church Share-Invite is a tool to help connect people with your church’s resources while making it easier for your members to share and invite others to your church. You can send a video or an article that could connect a colleague or loved one to the advice they need.

This modern, new approach to sharing your church’s resources and inviting someone takes the awkwardness out of inviting a friend to church while meeting the needs of your extended community.

If you would like to discuss this further with a member of our team, feel free to get in touch.

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