Church Growth Courtesy of Google

It starts with a click.
Church Growth Starts With a Click
Church Growth Strategies That Work

As the leaders in church marketing, we understand your church growth strategy necessitates being found online by local people.

When people in your community are searching Google for phrases like ‘church near me’, we’re the experts in making sure your church is found in the results.

When people in your community search Google for help with their biggest life challenges, such as ‘parenting’, ‘marriage’, ‘health’, ‘money’, and ‘special needs’, we’ll make sure your church is found there too.

On its most basic level, we believe there are two major components of church growth. The first is getting new people to show up on Sundays, and the second is keeping people engaged so that they keep coming back – or as we call it, “shutting the back doors”. While the work of church leaders is focused on engagement and retention through providing quality ministry, our business is focused on bringing new people through the front doors, and we do so by increasing new visitor traffic to your church website through search engines.

Church Growth Strategies that Work

To put it simply, our expertise is centered around making Google work for your church, and to accomplish this, we plan, implement, and optimize multifaceted strategies grounded in the deployment of numerous Google Tools:
Google Ad Grants Google My Business Google Search Console Google Analytics Google Ads Google Maps Google Alerts Google Trends Google Knowledge Panel
We also employ expert knowledge in Local SEO through the use of online citation directories and aggregators, including:
Google Ad Grants Apple Maps Bing Axciom Factual Infogroup Neustar

An Unparalleled Partner in Church Growth

At Missional Marketing, we understand all the tools required to improve your church’s online presence and exactly how to leverage them for the greatest impact on growth. Here are just a handful of our proven approaches:
  • We position your ministries so that they can serve more felt needs in the community.
  • We position your sermon videos so that they generate new web traffic.
  • We position your church’s website so it propels people toward your church’s front doors.
  • We optimize your church website for online findability with both voice searches and typed searches across all types of devices.
  • We measure everything we do so that all our activities are data-driven.
  • We’ve developed an array of free tools to assess where your church stands in terms of digital outreach efforts at any given moment.
We’re very proud to have an extensive client list comprised of all different sized churches, from prominent mega-churches to small neighborhood churches, and everything in between. Every church is in a unique season of growth, so we help to prioritize your outreach efforts based on your current goals, needs, and budgetary restraints. Church Growth Experts Whether you’re simply seeking a complementary answer to a question on digital marketing for churches, or you’re ready for a full arsenal of expert guidance, we’d love to hear from you.

If we discover that your most pressing need is to work on retention, or “shutting your church’s back doors”, we’re always happy to introduce you to one of our preferred partners who are focused on that objective.

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