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Are you part of a new Communications Team? Katie Allred of Church Communications has a new book and a brand new conference to help your teams!

Podcast Transcription


Jason Hamrock: [00:00:22] Well, Katie Allred, welcome back to the show. So glad to have you here. How are you doing?

Katie Allred: [00:00:27] I’m doing well. How are you?

Jason Hamrock: [00:00:29] I’m fantastic. We are excited because this is the official launch of our third season of the Missional Marketing Podcast. And for all of our listeners, Katie is a, she’s a frequent person. We should probably just, you’re like a frequent flier, you just keep coming back on the show, which is fantastic.

Katie Allred: [00:00:48] I am a season regular.

Jason Hamrock: [00:00:50] You are.

Katie Allred: [00:00:51] Like on a show, like on a series, I’m a season regular here.

Bart Blair: [00:00:54] You were actually the guest on the very first episode. Season one, episode one. Now, season three, episode one. Hopefully, this is not bookends, hopefully, this isn’t the last season and we’ll keep doing this, but who knows? Only the Lord knows. Maybe Jesus will return.

Katie Allred: [00:01:10] We can’t end with a Katie Allred, you know?

Jason Hamrock: [00:01:14] Well, we have had a lot of growth in our podcast, so starting off with you is always a good thing to do, so thanks for that.

Katie Allred: [00:01:21] Oh, that’s good to hear. I’m so glad to hear that it’s going really well, that exciting

Jason Hamrock: [00:01:24] It is. Yeah, a lot of people are tuning in and we get a lot of feedback, which we love. A lot of people that will subscribe to receive the podcast when they drop, so if that’s you do it because we get to talk to people like Katie. So we’re so excited.

Katie Allred: [00:01:39] Yeah, it’s also my favorite thing. I love talking to you guys.

Jason Hamrock: [00:01:43] Well, we want to talk about two things today and this is really, really good. I’m excited to talk about the first one, and I know Katie is excited to talk about this one because she has a brand new book that’s dropping, in fact. I think you might have a surprise for us.

Katie Allred: [00:02:02] It’s kind of wild. So yesterday, this weekend, I got the books, the actual book. I have yet to open said book package, so I told the guys I was like, we can open it on the show, and then everybody can be like, wow.

Jason Hamrock: [00:02:20] This is the drum roll, please, Katie is opening the box.

Katie Allred: [00:02:24] I’ll hold it up for people who are watching, actually watching, if you can see this it says, Lifeway Christian Resources, Church Communication. So, I’m feeling pretty confident that this is the book.

Jason Hamrock: [00:02:33] Yeah.

Katie Allred: [00:02:35] Let’s find out together with my letter opener here. The guys are making fun of me because they said I needed a bigger knife.

Bart Blair: [00:02:41] Jason…

Jason Hamrock: [00:02:41] Just for you to see, I brought a knife, but Katie didn’t need to use my gigantic knife from the Dominican Republic, which is…

Katie Allred: [00:02:51] A switchblade. Okay.

Jason Hamrock: [00:02:51] I just brought that for fun.

Katie Allred: [00:02:53] Of course, the first one is kind of…Okay, here we go, here it is.

Jason Hamrock: [00:02:56] Look at that, awesome.

Katie Allred: [00:02:58] There it is.

Bart Blair: [00:03:00] It’s got pictures, there are pictures in there. I might read this book.

Katie Allred: [00:03:05] There is color and everything. I know, it’s wild.

Jason Hamrock: [00:03:09] All right.

Bart Blair: [00:03:09] Awesome.

Katie Allred: [00:03:10] It’s beautiful, I’m so excited.

Bart Blair: [00:03:12] Katie, congratulations. That’s really cool.

Katie Allred: [00:03:14] Thank you. It’s kind of mind-blowing. Like I said, I haven’t looked at this So I’m like, whoa, there’s a lot, there’s a lot of stuff.

Jason Hamrock: [00:03:27] All right, so let’s get into it. What prompted you to write a church communications book?

Katie Allred: [00:03:36] Well, the group more than anything. I mean, that’s kind of even what I wrote. Like, I just looked at my like fore section, or whatever, at the beginning of the book. And it says, you know, I kind of wrote that, obviously, I wrote it for my family and such, but like I really just wrote it for the church communicator, and like the people in church communications, the group, for giving me a chance at all to speak about it, because I just feel very privileged that I get to speak into it at all. Like, how lucky am I that I got to have this space? And I’m so excited that I’m able to share.

Jason Hamrock: [00:04:16] And if you’re a church communication person, you’ve been living under a rock, let me bring you to what’s been going on. A number of years ago, Katie created a Facebook group, Church Communications Facebook group. It took off, let’s just put it that way, there are 31,500 people who are part of this Facebook group. Insane numbers, congratulations on that, first of all, way to go, God, for bringing this together. And so that’s what she’s talking about. So, you should join the group, if you’ve not joined the group, because on there there’s a ton of dialog where people just have conversations all the time about all things church communications. And so Katie created this group and created this, this company, this website,, and it’s all come to this book. So, break down for us a little bit about why should somebody buy it? What’s in the book? How is it going to help them do ministry?

Katie Allred: [00:05:17] Yeah. What if I just read the table of contents?

Jason Hamrock: [00:05:19] There you go.

Katie Allred: [00:05:20] Would that be helpful?

Katie Allred: [00:05:22] So we go over a marketing strategy. We have a whole chapter on branding because I have a lot of feelings about branding, either being a house of brands or a branded house. How to name your church is a big part of that as well, so if you’re a church plant and you’re trying to name your church, I do have kind of a how to do that exercise included in this. Should you include your denominational nomenclature? You know, there are so many questions. Also, like, what’s good for SEO? Like why should you consider naming your church a certain thing for SEO purposes and that kind of stuff? So, that’s a big part of it. A chapter on digital marketing. A chapter on social media. A chapter on websites. A chapter on advertising. A chapter on public relations. A chapter on crisis communication. A chapter on leading a team. A chapter on project management, and handling communication requests. Because I know you get a few of those if you work at a church. And then, I also have a chapter on the first 90 days, so if you are a church communicator and you just picked up this book because you’ve just got a role, and this is the first time there’s ever been a church communications person on staff, like what should your first 90 days look like? And of course, you can make the first 90 days be the first nine months. I mean, that’s totally okay because I did it really in a hard sprint. But I wanted to give people the ability to actually like look at it and give them a plan and then, you know, just my concluding thoughts. But yeah, that’s kind of an overview, a very brief overview of the book, which is clearly a lot.

Bart Blair: [00:07:07] Yeah, well, it’s not a really fat book, but there are a lot of chapters there, so I’m assuming it’s really bite-sized chunks, easy to digest, straight to the point, no fluff, this is what you need to know to do your job well.

Katie Allred: [00:07:21] The chapters are only a few pages. You know, I’m not like, I’m writing like essentially blogs about each of these chapters and like, yeah, I really wanted to get to it. I’m not like, let’s be fruity and talk about something. Do you know what I’m saying? Like I’m not a frufru kind of girl. Like, I don’t want to, like I don’t have, like, I know a lot of people talk about how women talk a lot more, that’s actually complete BS, I found out that men talk just as much as women do, that that was just made up.

Bart Blair: [00:07:54] Come on, are you throwing accusations, throwing shade to the guys in the podcast?

Katie Allred: [00:07:58] I’d just say like, yeah, guys use just as many words in a day as a woman does, that study was completely not even correct anyways. But it’s kind of funny though, after I figured that out, I was like, oh, that’s why, I’m a woman of few words, but I feel like I try to give the best ones that I possibly can when I do speak. And I’m hoping that that is what this is.

Jason Hamrock: [00:08:19] Yeah, well, I’ll tell you, I can’t wait to order the book and read the book. And from that table of contents, it tells me that not only is this a book you should read, but it’s also a great resource guide for when you encounter those issues, which you will.

Katie Allred: [00:08:33] Right. Yeah, for sure. I mean, yeah. I mean, obviously, there’s a thing on crisis communication, but like I remember when I was writing it, I was like, I really want people to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to the crisis. So like, how do you think through all these things that you should think through before a crisis happens? You know?

Jason Hamrock: [00:08:51] Yeah.

Katie Allred: [00:08:51] So many churches don’t do that, and then they’re hit with a crisis and they’re running around like like a chicken with their head cut off. And it’s better if you can think through all the bad things that could happen now so that you have a plan of like a flow chart, essentially, of okay, this bad thing happened, what do we do now? Right? And thankfully it is easier than we make it out to be, but having thought through it before it happens is really crucial.

Jason Hamrock: [00:09:20] Wow. I’m so excited about this, this is going to be so helpful because I don’t think there’s another book like this that’s this comprehensive guide to what church communication people deal with day in and day out. Now, some of those topics like crisis, you could go through your whole career and never have to deal with a crisis, but you definitely have to deal with everything else that’s in that book.

Katie Allred: [00:09:44] For sure. Yeah. I mean, you’re going to have to do some kind of PR release at some point. You’re going to have to, you know, come up with a plan for getting information about an event out. You’re going to have to brand your church probably at some point, because branding is so important today, like, it just is. I don’t think you can avoid it anymore, like, if you’re a church without a brand, like you are still a church with a brand, it’s just Times New Roman or whatever, you know, whatever your font is on the front of the building, that’s your brand. So what you are communicating, is so important to the community, and who you are communicating, which is obviously the Gospel of Christ.

Jason Hamrock: [00:10:31] Yeah. So you get in there, you mentioned a couple of things like building a marketing plan. I think that was one of the topics. Explain how you lead that conversation in the book.

Katie Allred: [00:10:43] That’s a great question. Let’s look.

Bart Blair: [00:10:46] How long ago did you send your final draft into Lifeway? And how long has it been since you really thought about this?

Katie Allred: [00:10:51] 2020.

Bart Blair: [00:10:53] 2020. Okay, so, you might need to read your book, Katie.

Katie Allred: [00:10:57] I’m going to read my own book. No, I’m just kidding. I mean, general idea, I have a general idea of how. But step one is defining your church’s vision and mission, and, you know, your values, which I think a lot of churches, they have sometimes. But I think also, maybe they haven’t been updated in quite some time, so I kind of walk through how to do that. Your SWOT statement for the church, your know, what that looks like? I think a lot of times we get scared of doing business terms for church, but I don’t think doing a SWOT statement is bad. And I wouldn’t think of threats so much of as threats but as like opportunities almost, but like threats right there, like usually external facing.

Jason Hamrock: [00:11:43] Yeah.

Katie Allred: [00:11:44] So how do we deal with what’s obviously going on in the pandemic? Right. That could be seen as a threat because it’s an external thing happening to our church. But at the same time, it could be an opportunity to think of doing ministry differently internally.

Jason Hamrock: [00:11:59] Yeah.

Katie Allred: [00:12:01] Yeah. And then just understanding like your segmentation, your targeting, your positioning. Which a lot of times this STP, segmentation, target, and position, is really your ministries. And I think we like we already silo ourselves so much, so how can we work together to make that more clear, you know, is a good question. But yeah, I think that’s the easy 1,2,3. And then obviously like applying your marketing mix, thinking about the 5 W’s and 1 H, like the what, why where, and when, and then how we do things. I think a lot of churches don’t do that, especially on their pages. Like you all make websites, right?

Jason Hamrock: [00:12:40] Yep.

Katie Allred: [00:12:41] So how many church ministry pages do you all have to ask them, can you just give me the what, the why, the when, the where, and the how? Because that’s all you need on every ministry page on a website, like just those things. Like half the time it’s so hard for them to communicate those things. And that’s like every time I’d ask the ministry to like come up with stuff for their page, I would just ask the 5 W and 1 H, and I’d be like, okay, like why do we do this? Like, why do we have this ministry? Like, give me a compelling reason that like really explains it at the top, you know, what is it? When is it? Where is it? And how do I get involved? Right?

Jason Hamrock: [00:13:24] Yeah. I would piggyback on that to say, I think sometimes you either, you want to think of both audiences, your internal audience and your external audience, right? So as you’re creating that kind of content, you want to be mindful that somebody has no idea what this is. They might not even know, just because you got really creative in the name, it doesn’t explain what it is actually about.

Katie Allred: [00:13:46] Right, Yeah. And then finally, like evaluate your performance. I think a lot of times are really good at going and going and going in church comm, but we have a hard time looking back and saying what worked and what didn’t and then celebrating what we did.

Jason Hamrock: [00:14:03] Yeah.

Katie Allred: [00:14:04] We’re terrible celebrators in the church world, I feel like. We’re great at like thinking ahead.

Jason Hamrock: [00:14:11] Oh, we are really guilty of that. In fact, we work with a lot of great, fast-growing churches that just they have, they’ll conclude a sermon series and it was an amazing sermon series, and they’re already on to the next thing. You’re going, wait, wait, what about the sermon series? What are you going to do with that content? Oh, it’s just going to stay on our website, we’re on to the next thing.

Katie Allred: [00:14:28] Right, right, right. And I’m like, no, like, what about like all the stuff you could cut up from a sermon series, like all the content you hear create for social media, all the stuff you could create for YouTube, for SEO purposes, taking that and getting transcripts, turning it into a book. Like there’s so much stuff that like obviously could happen after the sermon is done, but it just doesn’t happen, right? And so, just giving people some thoughts and some ideas more than anything, I wouldn’t say it’s, you know, and I wrote about that in the book, I was like, you know, this book’s not a Bible, you know, like, I can’t say that this is like the perfect way to do this for every church because every church is so different. But it is a guide to help you think about how you could do it, and how you might could do it better.

Jason Hamrock: [00:15:24] And you can always pull nuggets, right, that’s the beauty of it.

Katie Allred: [00:15:26] Yeah, like I kind of like that part, or I absolutely hate that part. And please don’t tell me if you absolutely, no, I’m just kidding, maybe you should. If you’re like, this is pure trash, that’s fine. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gotten that message on the Internet.

Bart Blair: [00:15:41] No, I’m sure not. Well, that’s really cool. I’m really excited for you. I’m really excited to get a copy of the book. I’ve got a lot of pastors and church leaders that I get a chance to work with and I plan to, I might buy a box about as big as the box that you have there and carry them around in my back pocket and share them with leaders. I need to read it first and make sure it’s worth passing out, but…I’m kidding, I am kidding.

Katie Allred: [00:16:02] It might be pure crud. No, I am just kidding.

Bart Blair: [00:16:04] No, it’s not going to be, we’re really confident that it’s going to be a super helpful tool to a lot of pastors and a lot of church leaders. I mean, how many churches do we talk to where the person who is managing the communications for their church has no background in communications and marketing? You know, it’s the office administrator.

Katie Allred: [00:16:24] Eighty percent of the time it’s the [inaudible]. It’s like Eighty percent of the time, they have absolutely no experience having done this.

Bart Blair: [00:16:30] Yeah, So for the cost of a couple of Starbucks venti lattes, you can have…

Katie Allred: [00:16:37] Twenty dollars.

Bart Blair: [00:16:37] Yeah, less than 20 bucks. So tell us the release date, I believe you said is August 15th, is that correct?

Katie Allred: [00:16:43] August 15th, that is correct.

Bart Blair: [00:16:45] I think this episode is like a week before the book comes out, so when this drops.

Katie Allred: [00:16:51] Preorder, please.

Bart Blair: [00:16:51] So if you’re listening to this, go to Amazon and preorder on Amazon, is that what they can do?

Katie Allred: [00:16:56] Preorder on Amazon? Yeah, you can go on Amazon or B&H Academic, whichever you prefer, because technically it’s a textbook.

Bart Blair: [00:17:02] Don’t scare us with that.

Katie Allred: [00:17:06] I know, right?

Bart Blair: [00:17:06] Technically it’s a textbook.

Jason Hamrock: [00:17:09] There’s going to be a test? Professor Katie.

Katie Allred: [00:17:12] No, unless you’re like going to go to one of my classes, like, I don’t know. But no, it’s not, it’s not, it’s not that thick, so it should be fine.

Bart Blair: [00:17:20] You’ll be fine.

Katie Allred: [00:17:21] Don’t worry, guys.

Bart Blair: [00:17:22] We’re very excited about that. We’ll make sure that we link up to this, we’ll be sharing on social media, and we’ll make sure that all of our friends and our family know when it is out and where it’s available. And we’re really excited for you and glad that you chose to come and hang out with us on this podcast, literally, right before the book comes out.

Katie Allred: [00:17:40] I opened the box for the first time with you guys.

Bart Blair: [00:17:43] Yeah, that’s really, really, really exciting, really privileged. Hey, let’s move on to thing, Jason, you said there were two things we needed to talk about? Let’s talk about thing number two.

Jason Hamrock: [00:17:51] There’s another exciting thing coming up that you want to be a part of, you have got to. And if it’s too late this year, hopefully, it’s not for you, next year for sure. Katie, tell us what’s coming up on September 22nd.

Katie Allred: [00:18:04] Yeah, so So we’re having the Church Communications Conference for the first time ever, and I am very excited. What we’re going to do is essentially be walking people through how to make a marketing plan, or walking them through how to think through processes and strategy. And we have four speakers, I’m really excited about, it’s me, Dave Adamson, who wrote MetaChurch, which is amazing, if you haven’t read MetaChurch yet, I mean, just go and read it and cry because it’ll be so touching. Good for you, it’s such a wonderful book. And then Dave Adamson, he was the online pastor for like, I don’t know, several years, ten plus years at Atlanta, North Point. You know, gosh, what?

Bart Blair: [00:18:48] Andy Stanley.

Katie Allred: [00:18:50] And then he’s at Orange now, and so anyways, an incredible guy. He’ll be in the States, he’s normally in Australia, he’ll be in the States for this, so I’m really excited about that. Jennifer Benton, who is at a church in Pennsylvania, she is incredible. I actually met her on Clubhouse. She has been a communications minister/director for several years and just does an incredible job of communicating. And I’m really excited for people to get to know her, and she’s going to talk about creativity and how you bring that out in your staff and your team. And then also we’ll have Todd Atkins, who is the Executive Director of Leadership at Lifeway, he oversees so many different things at Lifeway, like the ministry grade product, which does a lot of training. And Todd and I went to India together, and so we have served in the trenches together in the mission build and he is an incredible human being. And I think he’s going to talk about structure, systems, and processes, he leads a large team at Lifeway, and I know he has got more information than anyone to share. He’s served at several churches as well, so I’m excited to hear from Todd.

Jason Hamrock: [00:19:58] Okay. So it’s in Nashville, on September 22nd.

Katie Allred: [00:20:02] Yes, at the Lifeway building in downtown, in the gulch, this is probably going to actually be the last event they have at that building. So they’re moving to Brentwood, so this will be exciting because, yeah, it’s going to be at their building in downtown Nashville in the gold. The hotel is literally across the street, so you don’t have to get a rental car, you can literally take an Uber to the Hampton Inn, walk across the street, and then there are food options all around it, so take an extra day and just like see Nashville and enjoy it, I think, but bring your team and let’s talk about how we can do communication better, you know. I think what I love is we’re only having four speakers, it’s not going to be a day where we’re just speaking at you all day, I want it to be a conversation, I want it to be a teaching session. We’re going to have time after each session to just break out into tables and just have conversations around what we just learned instead of going directly into another talk. Like we’re just going to synthesize and think about what we talked about, which I’m really excited about, and I know this sounds really lame, but like there’s just no time at a conference. And I feel like so many people, their feedback after our conferences, I wish there was more time to network. I wish there were some more time to like get to know each other. And I’m like, yeah, that’s what I want to do, I’m big on community, I love community, so that’s what we’re going to do and I’m so excited about it.

Jason Hamrock: [00:21:28] I can’t wait. I can’t wait. And we’re honored to be a sponsor of it, so, we’ll be there as well, at least I know Bart’s going to be there for sure.

Bart Blair: [00:21:36] I will be there. I will be there. And I have a high school classmate and a cousin that both live in Nashville that I haven’t seen in years, and I’m going to just hang out for a couple of extra days. In fact, I haven’t been to Nashville in 25 years, so I’m really looking forward to it. Todd Atkins, for ages, co-hosted or was one of the hosts of the New Churches podcast, which was a Lifeway production. He’s no longer doing that podcast, I think he’s on from time to time. But I’ve had Todd Atkins and Katie Allred in my ears in podcasts for years, so I’m looking forward to meeting you both in person because we’ve never met in person either. So this will be pretty cool, I’m really looking forward to it.

Katie Allred: [00:22:18] I know that’s what I’m really excited about too, is like people, a lot of people maybe in this church comm space don’t know about Todd, because he really does come from like church leadership space. But like he is so incredible, and he loves this space so much, so I’m really excited that he’ll be able to speak into what people are doing and just talk to them about their comm’s plans and give them some ideas. Because like I said, we’re going to have some time together to really talk instead of just being like, so one and done and you never see the speaker again. Like, I want us to be in the room and having conversations and make it just more personal, honestly, more than anything. And like I said, just one day, so if you want to stay, it’s a Thursday, if you want to stay the Friday after and treat your team to some time, I think that you should. Because honestly, Nashville’s amazing and you should just take some time to go to the used bookstore, go to McKAYs or something, and just enjoy being downtown and, and seeing some stuff. But yeah, if you want to register, it’s And for Missional Marketing I will have a promo code if you want to save some money. I know wild right.

Bart Blair: [00:23:34] You are so kind.

Katie Allred: [00:23:36] If you’re listening to this podcast, you can use the code 100OFF, and save $100 if you want to come and you heard about this through the Missional Marketing Podcast. So it’s 100OFF, so I know those O’s and zeros are going to throw you off, but 100OFF, and you’ll save 100 off the admission. We’d love to have you sign up as soon as possible because we are trying our best to get registration to where it needs to be so we can move forward with our plan. So yeah, thanks so much for having me on to chat about it.

Jason Hamrock: [00:24:11] Oh, you are awesome. I am so excited, so listen up, you guys have two things to do. Go pre-buy that book right now, go to Amazon, Church Communications book, go get it. And then register for this conference, you’re going to meet a lot, you’re going to be in a room where it’s all a bunch of communication directors. That can be kind of scary, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Katie Allred: [00:24:35] And all denominations too, like, I think that’s what’s going to be really cool is I think everybody has a different way of doing things and I think we can all learn from each other.

Jason Hamrock: [00:24:46] That’s right.

Katie Allred: [00:24:46] And so I’m really excited to have people just from all these different states and all these different denominations just chatting about how they do this and that and the other. Like how they communicate their announcements, like, you know, is there a better way to do that? Like, what is the way you’re doing it now? And, you know, how can we improve on it? Like what’s working with texting, what’s working on your website? Like, that’s what I’m excited to see out of this, and to get, you know, just some better community and conversations going forward.

Jason Hamrock: [00:25:19] That’s right.

Bart Blair: [00:25:20] Can I ask you two questions, Katie? Jason, he made it a statement, and I’m sure that for the most part, it’s true. But I just want to make sure in case the person is listening, is not a communications director, maybe you’re a pastor or an executive pastor, or maybe you don’t have a communications director on your team. Here are my two questions. Number one, is the conference really only for communications directors, or are other staff people, if I’m another staff member, could I benefit from this? And number two, if I bring a copy of the book with me, will you autograph it? So those are my two questions.

Katie Allred: [00:25:53] So the first question, yes, I think it’s going to be valuable even if you’re just a senior pastor and you don’t have a comms person, like you’re the only one on the staff, right, or maybe it’s you and an admin. Or maybe it is for the admin that’s handling all of these things because they are probably overwhelmed and they don’t even know where to get started, but I bet they could get some great ideas from the people sitting at their table with them. Of, hey, like, should we do this, that, or the other on social media? Should we have a website, and how big should our website be? How many pages should it be? Like, what kind of pages should we have on it? Just being able to ask people those questions in a real-life context, obviously, you can always ask them in our Facebook group, but it is nice to have some people just to chat around the table with about it, and I think that’s what this is for. So, yes, executive pastors, if you’re anyone that’s overseeing any type of communication and you don’t have a dedicated staff person, yes, this is definitely for you. And then will I sign your book? Absolutely, I will feel ridiculous, and my last name is Allred and I shall turn all red if you ask me to do that.

Bart Blair: [00:27:08] I probably will, but just because I want to see you turn all red.

Katie Allred: [00:27:12] Okay, excellent. I’m looking forward to it.

Jason Hamrock: [00:27:16] Well, Katie, thank you so much for joining us, as always, it’s a privilege and a pleasure to have you on the podcast. And thanks again, we appreciate you.

Katie Allred: [00:27:25] Yeah, thank you. I want to remind your people, okay, so if you want to order the book, will take you to a landing page to get the book if you would like to go about it that way. And then for the conference, will take you to the landing page for registration for the conference, and then 100OFF will give you $100 off if you’re listening to this podcast.

Jason Hamrock: [00:27:51] Love it.

Bart Blair: [00:27:52] That’s awesome. Thanks so much, Katie.

Katie Allred: [00:27:54] Yeah, thanks, you all.

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