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Our newest partner, Katie Allred, sits down with us to share some exciting news about our upcoming Church Communications Roadshow.

Podcast Transcription


Bart Blair: Welcome to season 4, episode 20 of the Missional Marketing Podcast, I’m Bart Blair. This is the 144th episode of our show. And I am delighted today to be joined by my co-host of the podcast, Jason Hamrock, the CEO of Missional Marketing, and the always super awesome guest, Katie Allred. The one and only, the incomparable, Katie Allred. The fourth time or fifth time on the show, I don’t know, you’ve been on our show a number of times. Katie, welcome to the Missional Marketing Podcast.

Katie Allred: Thanks, I’m glad to be back. This time I’m actually a part of your team, you know, that’s the fun part. This is the first time I’ve been on the podcast as a Missional Marketing employee. So they got me guys.

Bart Blair: Like, wait a minute, you are you are blowing some people’s minds right now. They have no idea what you’re talking about. Why don’t you and Jason extrapolate that on that a little bit? Extrapolate on that a little bit, what does that actually mean, Katie?

Katie Allred: Well, actually, I’ll and Jason explain.

Jason Hamrock: I’d love to, yeah. So, as everybody listening, who can hear my voice, Katie, we all know Katie. She’s done an amazing job of building a phenomenal community, she started in 2015. This little idea she had that God had bigger plans, and next thing you know, church communications is a, very, very, extremely well-known organization, thirty-three and some thousand people are in the Facebook group. If you’re not a part of that Facebook group, go become part of that Facebook group. Well, Katie and I have been friends for a long time. And last year, actually probably about more like a year and a half ago, started just entertaining the idea that what would happen if we partnered together because I’m a communication director, that’s what I’m cut from and a lot of our team members are, and it just makes sense because we love to partner and help churches in the communication space. That all worked out, and so last year we became, co-owners with Katie of Church Communications, and it was a great move for us. We were definitely blessed, to be able to be a part of the team. And, it’s been fun to kind of build that.

Jason Hamrock: And then last year, Katie said, you know what? It makes so much more sense if we just become one. And, we made that happen. And so Katie is now a part of our team, and we are literally one team. So if you think about, you know, Missional Marketing we’re still an agency, but now we have the Church Communications Group, which just kind of goes hand in hand with Missional Marketing as an agency. And collectively together, we’re partnering to, we have one goal, one goal, we want to make Jesus more famous, and we want to help people who don’t know the Lord get to know him through the local church. And so churches are our mission, to better bless them, and specifically, communications inside of that church, obviously. And so that’s been the journey, so as of I don’t know, like earlier this January 1st, it just became kind of official. And now Katie is a massive part of our team and doing some amazing things. And we’ve just got big plans, lots of big plans, and we’re going to dive into some of those today.

Bart Blair: Yeah, it’s very exciting. Before Jason joined, Katie and I got on to, our streaming platform here, we were waiting for Jason to join us, and I made a comment to Katie. I said something about, you know, Katie, who knows many things. And she goes, well, I know many things, but I don’t know everything. And I said, you know, the reality is, none of us know everything, but when we pool our resources, our experience, our knowledge, our relationships together, man, collectively, there’s just so much more that we can do. And we’ve watched over the course of the last year, year and a half, as Missional Marketing and Church Communications group have been doing more partnership work together, and it’s opened up more opportunities for all of us to be able to make a greater impact in the local church, from, from coast to coast, and, very, very, very, very, very exciting, pretty cool. I started listening, you know, Katie and I met just a few years ago, probably the first time, like podcasting, a few years ago. But I think I’d mentioned, you know, I’d been listening to Katie on podcasts for, I don’t know, 6 or 7 years. You used to do, like, a social media podcast with Nils or something, didn’t you?

Katie Allred: I’ve been on it a few times.

Bart Blair: You’ve been on it?

Katie Allred: I never hosted it.

Bart Blair: You didn’t host it?

Katie Allred: I was on this podcast for a long time, I mean, obviously well, not this podcast, but Church Communications, that’s a podcast.

Bart Blair: Yeah, yeah. So anyway, just really, really cool, really exciting stuff. So Jason alluded to the fact that, now that, Missional marketing and Church Communications Group are kind of, missionally aligned, partnered together, arm in arm. we really want to do more things that are going to help those of you who are church communications professionals or volunteers, or maybe you’re not a church communications professional, but your role in the church requires you to have some hand in the church communications. We really want to try to create more opportunities for you to learn and grow and get better at what you do, and we’re trying to create some more in-person engagements and more in-person opportunities for you to just go deeper, grow more, and get better at what you do.

Bart Blair: So I asked Katie and Jason to hang out on a podcast recording with me today to talk about, specifically, some events that we have planned for 2024, specifically called the Church Communications Roadshow. and so let’s let’s dive into that, friends. Katie, tell us about the Church Communications Roadshow. What was sort of the heart behind getting these things started, the motivation, and what does our audience need to know about a roadshow?

Katie Allred: Yeah. So the heart behind it is we have a great community, but we haven’t met a lot of them in person, and we would like to change that. The pandemic is over, technically, and, you know, we just want to be together with people, there’s something about actually being in person that is special. I think anybody who does online church understands that, you know? And so, yeah, we wanted to get people together. We also really wanted to offer some more practical training across the United States, not just make people come to us, but we wanted to come to them. And so that was a big part of why we chose to do the roadshow. So we’re hitting ten different cities, we’ve already done Ohio, we’re going to Atlanta in a couple of weeks, going to Dallas soon. There’s there’s a lot of different opportunities to join us. we’ve definitely had a lot of people reach out and say, are you coming here? We hopefully are. And you can find out about that at the website, of course. But yeah, I’m excited to see what God’s gonna do and how we’re going to learn together and, and kind of help the church grow.

Bart Blair: Awesome. Let’s kind of double-click a little bit on what the experience is going to entail, and then we’ll kind of go a little bit through the calendar. So you mentioned Atlanta, and I think it’s probably fair to say that by the time this episode is released Atlanta will probably, I think it will already have happened. So sorry for those of you who are in the Atlanta area, if you are listening to this and you actually didn’t get a chance to participate, we’ll come back. We promise we’ll come back. send us an email and let us know that you want us and need us.

Katie Allred: We will come back.

Bart Blair: Yeah, let me know and we’ll put that on the schedule. But before we get into the actual calendar and all the cities that we’re going to go to, let’s talk a little bit about the. content and what happens at a Roadshow. You guys did one in Ohio together back in the fall and, obviously, we’re prepping for the one in Atlanta at the time that we’re recording this. Jason, talk a little bit about what the experience is at a Roadshow, and what people can expect other than the personal relational connections, which Katie has already hit on. What’s the content and what can I expect to learn and grow in?

Jason Hamrock: Yeah. Great question. So yeah, the community is huge in that. But what we want to do is, regardless of, you know, if you’re a seasoned vet or you’re a newbie, you’re going to learn something because we dive into, we have different sessions and it’s literally like a six-hour kind of an all-day thing with us, and we provide lunch and all that kind of stuff. But we have different sessions, and some of those sessions are, like one session is about embracing digital, you know, engagements with your church. So how are you using digital and all kinds of different platforms to better connect with not only your congregation, but then people outside the church, those de-churched and unchurched people, and certainly people searching for felt needs. So we’re going to we’re going to dive in and talk a lot about that. We’re going to go into details about how Google works and you know, how to optimize your website, just lots of things on the digital front.

Jason Hamrock: This is another cool thing, we did this at Columbus. We’re diving into AI, AI is evolving, it’s changing daily, and all of us are getting a little bit better, hopefully, at using AI. Well, we’ve got a pretty talented guy on our team who knows a lot about AI, and so he spends time talking about, you know, AI for churches, if you will. Another session is project management and calendaring systems. You know, everybody probably has one of those, but certainly, you can learn something on how to have a better calendar, how to have a better system, you know, project management-wise, and just enhance and grow that. So that’s another session. There are some content creation things that we dive into, everything about content that Katie… I’ll let Katie talk a little bit about that. And then just, you know, more marketing like marketing strategies, marketing plans. And then we have, like, some leadership stuff. But, you know, Katie talk a little bit about what you cover at the Roadshow.

Katie Allred: Yeah, I’m going to be going into content strategy, making a content calendar, and how to break up your content and reuse it and recycle it. And, we’re going to talk a little bit about AI and how to use that, and all the different channels, there’s so many different social media channels and so many different platforms you can be on. I think it can be overwhelming for a church. So we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of all the channels and, which ones we think we should invest in.

Jason Hamrock: Yeah. And then there’s, you know, the other thing that we would love to do is just share with people about the partners that we have. And certainly, there are tons of great organizations out there that offer a lot of great things for churches, and sometimes you just don’t know about them. I was on a call with a church, and they’re asking me, we’re trying to make snippets, you know, sermon clips. What do you recommend? Like, I’ve got some great recommendations. You know, I’d love to share the partners that we have. So you may not know about all of them, and some of them are new, and some of them we’ve had long-standing relationships with. So we’d love to talk about those as well. That’s what you’re going to get at the Roadshow is those connections and those relationships.

Bart Blair: The Roadshow is a one-day event, correct? It’s like 9 to 3 or something like that.

Jason Hamrock: One-day event. Yep.

Katie Allred: 9 to 3, and you get lunch.

Bart Blair: 9 to 3, and you get lunch. There is a fee for it, do you guys happen to know off the top of your head what the registration cost is?

Katie Allred: It is $79.00, but often we have a promo code, so if you want to send me a message, I might.

Bart Blair: If you can find Katie and ask her for a promo code.

Katie Allred: If you get a hold of me, I will gladly, because you went through and you jumped through some hoops to get a hold of me. I will gladly, but the question is, can you catch me? You know that’s the question.

Bart Blair: Okay. All right, that is a good question.

Katie Allred: It might not work.

Jason Hamrock: It took a long time to catch Katie.

Bart Blair: Yeah. So $79 per person includes a meal, and it sounds like a ton of content packed into a one-day event. Who should come? Like, who should be at the Church Communications Roadshow?

Jason Hamrock: I tell you, anybody that’s obviously in the communications department, you need to be there. It doesn’t matter who it is, bring your whole team because there’s a lot of time for collaboration. We have a lot of round table discussions, if you will, it’s not just a classroom setting, talking head. We have some of that, but that’s who you should bring. If you touch communications. at our last Roadshow, we had a lead pastor, and he was involved in communications. And so of course, his primary role is he’s the lead pastor, but he really wanted to speak into into communication, so we had that. We had an executive pastor, and we’ve had a couple of executive pastors at our last Roadshow because they influence us. In fact, I tell you what, hey, comm directors, if you want to influence your department and your budgets, bring your XP because we paint the picture for you’re here and you need to go here, and we know that takes talent and money. At the end of the day, you’ve got to have a bigger budget if you want to get more stuff done. And it’s not about loading more things on you, it’s about helping you to become more effective, and more efficient, and get the help that you need. So bring your XP.

Katie Allred: And you are also learning like what can you outsource. And asking, I think a big part of it too is the people at the table like talking to other churches about how they do what they do and having that opportunity to discuss with churches that are probably nearby to you. That was also another reason why we wanted to go to like local, regional cities, was to allow people to actually like, network and meet one another because there just isn’t an opportunity really to do that otherwise.

Jason Hamrock: I was a comm director for about 11 years, and this was a long time ago, there were not hardly any communication directors. And I’m in Phoenix, a lot of big churches and just nobody, so it was really difficult to try and… I tried one time and it failed. I had a few people, but they didn’t want to show up, and it’s just like, oh, this is a bummer. Well, we want to change that. I mean, because we have to lean on one another. And, you know, we’re not competitors, right? We’re all on the same team. But I think if we can lean into one another and build relationships and now you’ve got somebody you can kind of rub shoulders with and you can throw ideas off of that live, you know, in the city next to you or whatever. That to me is really, really valuable to this community aspect of church communications.

Katie Allred: Yeah, for sure.

Bart Blair: I mean, it’s the beauty of the Church Communications Group on Facebook is the opportunity to cross-pollinate, share ideas, and learn from each other. And this is kind of like, you know, pouring gasoline on the fire of some of those relationships and connections is that you get to be in person, incarnational with each other. And, you know, I love the roundtable component of what we do when we get together. You know, I was talking to, one of the churches that I get to work with here in the Dallas area. just yesterday about the Roadshow coming to the Dallas area. We will get to the locations here in just a minute. And one of the things that excited me the most about her desire to participate is that I know 10, 12, 15 comms directors here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and none of them know each other. And I just thought, this is going to be so cool if I can get them all together in the same room because I think they’re all learning from each other, they just don’t know that because I’m learning stuff from one, and then I’m teaching it to everybody else, right? This gives them a chance to actually sit around tables and connect with each other. And really, I mean, I hate to say this, but, you know, sometimes being a comms director in a church is a really hard, difficult, lonely job. And sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who’s facing some of the challenges and the obstacles and the hardships that you are, and sometimes it’s good to sit around a table with other people who are facing some of the same challenges. I mean, you can encourage each other, pray for each other, maybe even coach each other through how you might be able to overcome some of those challenges or obstacles that you’re facing in the context of your own church, your own church family, or maybe even the limitations of what you’re finding with budgets and platforms and things like that. So I’m really, really excited about what we’re doing here. I don’t know whose brainchild the Roadshow was, we’ll call it Katie’s because she doesn’t know everything, but she knows lots of things. So, we’ll call it Katie’s brainchild, and it’s just a really, really, really great idea.

Jason Hamrock: Yeah, and I think out of that, like you said, it’s just the start, right? We want to come in, do this Roadshow, spend six hours. some of the people will have relationships with others, others will build new relationships and then we leave. But we still serve, like our goal is to build relationship partnerships, but it’s those other people that are still in that city next to you that if you can create like a cohort where you can get together regularly and actually put some effort into it, you will benefit. It’s not a competition, so you go, wait, you tried that and it was really successful? I’m going to take that to my church and see if I can do the same thing. When you’re on an island by yourself, that ain’t happening very frequently.

Katie Allred: No, for sure not.

Jason Hamrock: I love that we’re going down this path, yeah. There’s another thing I want to talk about, too, that we’re offering, but I’m excited about this Roadshow, it’s fun.

Bart Blair: Well, that’s a teaser, Jason. What is this other thing that we’re offering?

Bart Blair: He set us up there, didn’t he, Katie?

Katie Allred: He did, yeah, and he didn’t follow up. What is going on.

Bart Blair: What is it, Jason?

Katie Allred: Come on, Jason!

Jason Hamrock: So I’m really excited about where we’re going with Church Communications Group. We’ve got some really big initiatives, big dreams, big plans. And we’ve got a team that we pulled together that’s actually going to be pulling in

Katie Allred: It is not just me anymore.

Jason Hamrock: It’s just not Katie doing it on her own. Katie had to do everything, literally everything, she had very little help. She gave some help to some of the people on our team, but it’s like it all stayed up here in Katie’s head. Well, now what’s in Katie’s head, we pull it out of her head and we get to delegate and get other people involved. So I’m really pumped about that. There’s a thing coming out, pretty soon, don’t have a specific date, but might as well release it here. It’s called CC Pro.

Bart Blair: CC Pro.

Jason Hamrock: Yeah, CC Pro is going to be that platform that you can access, and we’re going to have a free version and we’re going to have a paid version, pretty cheap, but a paid version. It’s going to be a spot where you can go get tons of resources, all kinds of, training videos, links to different, things that you can get access to, case studies, community, curriculum. We’re going to have tons of curriculum in there. We are really pumped about CC Pro. In fact, Katie is literally leading the team that’s in charge of all the curriculum that’s going to go into CC Pro, I’m so pumped about it. There’s nothing, I don’t think anything out there like it that is going to be at this level and this depth of it. What else is going to be in there, Katie?

Katie Allred: Resources, documents, there’s so much that’s already in the group that we’re pulling out really to have as access. And the thing is, is also going to be searchable, there’s going to be a directory so you can find people that are in the community like say you need to freelance, you need to outsource, some video work or something. You can find a video editor near you, you can find your church communication directors of churches of a certain size. you know, those kinds of things that I feel like are really helpful. So, yeah, I’m excited to see what it’s going to do to, like, I don’t know, just increase the helpfulness of the community really.

Jason Hamrock: Yeah. Like, you know, let’s say a crisis, you know, when it happens, right? It’s not if, it’s probably when. You know, you go to the CC Pro login and just search that and find all kinds of videos, articles, PDFs, and different resources, all about crisis communication. Like how do you handle that?

Katie Allred: Yeah.

Jason Hamrock: That’s just an idea. That’s one example of how we want to build this community in this CC Pro, and we’re really excited. We have big plans, and big dreams, so that’ll be coming soon.

Bart Blair: Yeah, that’s really cool. I mean, a lot of that stuff is available in the Facebook group and it’s searchable, but it’s certainly not consolidated and indexed. And so this is going to take a lot of that stuff and consolidate it, index it, and make it a little bit easier to navigate.

Katie Allred: Yeah. And we’re taking it to the next level too, right? Like there’s community, and now we’re going to start offering coaching and cohorts and consulting and services and things that you know okay, we can come and walk alongside you, we can come hold your hand while you’re doing it, we can help you build a team, we can offer you like an interim communication director or some project management in the meantime, or we can help you just build your whole website or do your whole comps team. Like, what do you need us to do? Like, do want us to come to hold your hand, or do you want us to just educate you so you can do it and run? I think that’s what is really great about the partnership between us and Missional, is that now we can not only offer the advice but also offer it as a service. So regardless of which you want, we’re happy to do either one. So I think that’s going to be what’s great.

Jason Hamrock: Yeah, Katie just dropped something there. So at Missional, a couple of years ago we started a division called Communications Consulting. You know, it was just a need. Our clients were asking us, hey, we just lost our comm director, you know, what should we do? Well, I’ve got former comm directors on our team, we could have them step in and play that role for a while, or coach the new person you hire, or whatever it looks like. And that thing just grew and grew and grew. We’ve moved all that under Church Communications Group, duh, that’s like a no-brainer, it makes sense. So Katie and the team have just expanded tremendously. So now in the Church Communications Group, we offer coaching. If you’re new to your role, right, you’re a new comm director. or if you’ve been the kid’s pastor, and now you moved over to comms. You have an idea, but you’re like, I need some help. We’re here and we can step in and coach you for a season. If you’re an XP, an executive pastor, and you just lost your comm director and you’re looking to hire, we have comm directors, and we could step in and play that role for a while and be your comm director, we’ve done that before. So that’s a new service that we are rolling out. Project management, same idea.

Katie Allred: Yeah. Like, am I being a little, did we get ahead of ourselves, maybe? But like, I’m excited, I’m sorry, Jason.

Jason Hamrock: I’m excited too. And then building websites, that’s starting at the Church Communications Group and is kind of powered by the Missional Marketing team, and collectively together we’re building a lot of church websites. So if you’re thinking about building a new church website or you’re…

Katie Allred: We can help with the copy writing. So if you are like, man, I’ve always wanted to work with Katie, I am happy to do that, so it’s exciting times.

Jason Hamrock: That has been so much fun. So Katie is a phenomenal writer. And so all the different websites we build, we bring Katie in for writing the home page, the plan of visit page, a campus page, a kids page, or something like that, helping you establish the correct writing for your website that’s going t, you know, speak to that unchurched or de-churched person. You know, I’ve always said this, it’s always about the one ahead of the ninety-nine. You don’t want to leave the ninety-nine behind, but we want to make sure we’re writing about the one. How do we connect with people who don’t know Jesus? And so Katie’s heading up our writing team, it’s been pretty sweet. Yeah, she’s really good at it.

Katie Allred: What?

Bart Blair: Yeah, she is. All right, well, that was a lot. and hopefully, if you’re listening to this, it didn’t feel like just a great big commercial because that wasn’t the intent. We’re really excited, and we want to make sure that you, our audience, know that we’re here to help, whether that’s on a very, very small level. Maybe, all you’re ever going to do is listen to our podcast, and we hope that you’re benefiting from that, and you’re learning and you’re getting better at what you do. Or maybe the church communications team eventually becomes your completely outsourced church communications leader and department, wherever you land in there, we’re just here to help. And as Jason said at the very beginning, our goal is really just to help more and more people come to know Jesus personally, and to commit their lives to following him. Katie, did you have something else that you wanted to add there?

Katie Allred: Yeah. If people are like, man, I feel like I’ve been scammed, I’ve listened to this entire podcast and I haven’t learned anything new today. I will give them something, you know, to think about if they would like. Is this coming out before Easter?

Bart Blair: Yes. Oh, very much so.

Katie Allred: Good, okay, so Easter is coming up, right? All right, so this is actually a nugget, it’s in my book. So if you, I mean now I’m just baiting and switching.

Bart Blair: Buy my book.

Katie Allred: But I’m giving it to you for free. Okay, so something I think a lot of churches miss out on the opportunity to do is to create a Facebook event for their Easter service and to go ahead and do that now and then to go from the podium, like actually during the announcements and say, everybody hit that they’re going to Easter, like, and do it today. And that way it will organically spread, and the reach will be so much more than what you could even pay for. Because Facebook’s going to promote it as a local event that is really popular in your area. And so the sooner you can do that, the better. But to actually ask people to do that, like you’re being missionaries, digital missionaries, and hitting that you’re going. And also hit share, like please share this on my timeline, I think it’s just as important as any other announcement you would make, if not more important. And so you’re inviting people to church without having to like, you know, hand somebody a card or have a conversation in a way.

Katie Allred: But I did this at the church I worked at. And I mean, gosh, that was nearly ten years ago, but the thing is, it still works. It hasn’t changed, this method still works. And I got, so our church was a mega church, right? But I went to the choir, that’s why I call this the choir strategy. I went to the choir and I was like, can you all hit that you’re going, there’s like 200 people in the choir, which is a small church, essentially, and 14,000 people within 24 hours saw the event because of this. So it worked really, really well. And then within like 48 hours, it was like, you know, double that had seen it, so it was pretty incredible for not paying a cent for advertising. And then of course, if you throw some money behind it, that’s just adding fuel to the fire. But I definitely recommend doing something like that. So I just give you a little nugget for listening to our random excitement about Church Communications.

Bart Blair: There you go. so hope hopefully you tuned in long enough to hear that little nugget. If you didn’t, well, you missed a nugget. Okay, we’re going to wrap up. But before we wrap up, Jason, can you kind of go through the general calendar for the Roadshow event? Remember, the whole purpose of recording this particular podcast was to let everybody know that we’re coming to a town near you. So, Jason, can you kind of walk through some of the cities that we’re going to be in, what months those are going to be in? I don’t know that all the dates are specifically landed yet, but at the very least, we want people to know where we’re headed so they don’t buy a ticket or I like I was I shared with you guys earlier, I was talking to one of my church comms people yesterday who said she was about to buy a ticket to fly to Atlanta to go to Atlanta. And then she discovered that we were going to be doing one in the North Dallas area, and we saved her from having to fly to Atlanta. So we want to make sure, you know, generally where we’re coming and when we’re going to be there. So, Jason, why don’t you run through that?

Jason Hamrock: Yeah. Thank you. So yeah, we’re going to be going to North Dallas. We’ve got a couple of churches we’re working with there, that’s going to be a location to be determined, but it is going to be February 27th. So that’s coming up.

Bart Blair: That’s a Tuesday. That’s a Tuesday for those of you who don’t have a calendar handy, Tuesday. Are they all Tuesdays?

Jason Hamrock: No.

Bart Blair: They are not all on Tuesdays. Okay.

Jason Hamrock: All right, so March, we’re not going to be an event because everybody’s getting ready for Easter. But in April, we’re going to be in two different locations. We’re going to be in the Houston area, and we’re going to be in Austin. So we’re going to be doing the whole Texas tour there in February.

Bart Blair: Man, I’m so excited, and I plan to be there. So if you want to meet me, if you want to meet me, come to one of the Texas events because I’ll be there, I live in Texas and I will be there.

Jason Hamrock: In May we’re going to be hitting Chicago, the Windy City. So we’re going to be there in May. And it looks like we’re going to be at a church, Christ Church, but that we gotta get those details nailed down, but be paying attention to that. In June we’re going to go hit Southern California. Now that’s huge, like that’s such a big area, but I think we’re probably going to be hitting the the Orange County area of Southern California. But we will be coming back, we probably want to hit about 4 or 5 different locations in Southern California, but in June we’re going to be in probably Orange County. July we’re going to hit up north and go up to Minneapolis because it’s nice there. So we’re going to hit Minneapolis in July to be determined. August, we’re going over to Northern California, and we’ve got a church we’re not quite there to land, but it’s getting pretty close. But in August, we’ll be in Northern California. Now, in September, the details are going to be coming out, but that’s our Church Communications Conference in Nashville. And so last year we had 120, something like that, people attend that. It’s a phenomenal conference, it’s about two days, and, you know, Katie and I host that. I am so excited to go back to Nashville and be at that conference, that is in September. In October, we’re going to go to the Pacific Northwest, we’re going to be in Seattle and Portland in October, so those are to be determined, but Seattle and Portland. In November, we’re going to have our virtual conference, because we can do something virtual or everybody can tune in. And then December, no event in December because that is the Christmas season, and y’all should be, you know, focused on, you know, getting ready for Christmas. So, that’s what this year looks like. And, subject to change a little bit, but those are the cities we’re focused on. And so if that is you, and you’re in that city or near that city, plan on it. Get to and we will be adding those events as we can. And you can go in there, and we’re going to allow you to go ahead and register for them and, just know that we’re coming to a city near you. And then next year we’ll do different cities. so if you can’t wait till then, you can maybe join us at one here, otherwise, you can wait till next year. Otherwise, the virtual conference will be another one that’s really, really popular.

Bart Blair: Hey, I would suggest this as well, if you happen to be a church leader in one of the cities that Jason mentioned and you are interested in hosting the event, reach out to Jason. We may already have a church lined up, but if we don’t, perhaps you can host. And if we didn’t mention your city and you’re like, Jason, you didn’t mention Boston, you didn’t mention Baltimore, you didn’t mention Miami or Tampa. Why aren’t you coming to my city? Well, you know what? If your church wants to host the event, go ahead and throw your hat in the ring, no guarantee that will come there in 2024 or 2025. But if we know that you’re interested in hosting and maybe there is a larger interest, hey, maybe we put you and your church on at a future date. So we’d love to know that. We’re here to serve you, and ultimately, these events are simply a way for us to help you connect with more people, grow and learn, and get better at what you’re doing. And, yeah, we’re really excited about this. So it’s the Church Communications website. And the URL for that, again is?

Jason Hamrock:

Bart Blair:, you can’t get more simple than that. And I would assume that those events that registration is open for are already listed there on the site. You can find those, and we’ll be adding those as Jason said, as we come along. Any parting shots? We need to wrap this one up, we’re over a half hour now. And, you know, if again, you’ve been driving and listening to this, good for you, I hope you had a long commute to work today. But any any parting shots? We’ll let…Jason, do you have a parting shot first? And I’ll let Katie have hers.

Jason Hamrock: Yeah, I just to encourage you guys, you know, I’m listening to, Erwin McManus. Many of you probably know him, and he’s such a positive influence because he affects so many people. But he’s always talking about how your better days are ahead, and you focus on your better days are ahead. And maybe not your best days, I don’t know about that, but your better days are ahead. And I tell you, when you surround yourself with people who are like-minded, equally yoked, who have a passion to be better and get better, that’s good energy, and that’s who you want to be around. And hopefully, you get that from this team because we believe better days are ahead. And so we want to put together things that are going to help you get better at your job.

Bart Blair: Excellent. Thank you, Jason. And Katie, what do you have for us? Any parting shots?

Katie Allred: No parting words, really. I’m excited to see who comes to the Roadshow, so come and hang out, please.

Bart Blair: Okay, that’s, you know, what, that’s good enough. A personal invitation from Katie Allred to come hang out with her. That’s what so many people have wanted over the years, and now they’ve got one. Hey, thanks so much for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Missional Marketing Podcast. As always, we want to remind you that if you haven’t subscribed wherever you listen to the podcast, make sure that you do that. I do want to remind you that if you listen on Google Podcasts, that in a couple of months, Google Podcasts is going away, so you need to find another platform to listen to this podcast on and subscribe there so that you don’t miss future episodes. I’ve got Jason and myself lined up with a whole bunch of interviews over the course of the next few weeks with a bunch of church leaders from some really incredible churches across the country, and you don’t want to miss any of these future episodes that we have lined up. I’m just gonna say it, you don’t want to miss it, so make sure that you subscribe. And if you haven’t ever left us a rating and a review, we would love for you to do that. You know how the algorithms of the internet work, and if you leave us a rating or review or give us a comment on our YouTube channel, more people find the podcast. So thanks again for tuning in, and until next week, this has been the 144th episode of our podcast. Thanks for tuning in.

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