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Use the 7 steps in this Christmas Communications Checklist to help your church have its most effective holiday season ever!

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This is episode 10 of season 4 of the Missional Marketing Podcast. My name is Bart Blair. I am the co-host of the show. This is the 134th episode of our podcast. We’ve been producing this show since the spring of 2020 with the intention of helping churches grow by leveraging digital marketing and effective communications.

What I’m planning to do today is share with you a church communications checklist in preparation for Christmas in 2023, calling this simply the Christmas Communications Checklist. You can apply this checklist to any and all events that you’re hosting or doing in the context of your church, but for this season we’re going to focus on Christmas.

Today as I’m recording this we are exactly 77 days until Christmas Eve, which means by the time you’re listening to this you’ve got roughly 10 weeks until Christmas Eve. If you and your team are not already deep into planning your Christmas Eve services, now is the time to start. You can sit down with this checklist, work through it as a team together, and hopefully this will help you get as much momentum as possible going into Christmas 2023.

Obviously one of the things that makes Christmas unique this year is that Christmas Eve is on a Sunday. This gives you an opportunity to invite and connect with people on a Sunday morning, whereas in other years you might be planning a midweek service. I know some churches will do their regular Sunday morning worship services on Christmas Eve and then do their candlelight service Sunday evening. Some churches are just going to do their candlelight or whatever their Christmas Eve celebration is on the Sunday morning. Some churches will be adding services throughout the weekend to accommodate all the people they’re expecting.

Whatever your situation, work through these 7 things on this checklist and I’m confident you’ll find yourself with more confidence and momentum going into the holiday season. Hopefully that will set you up really well as you turn the corner into 2024.

Let’s get started. Here is the Christmas Communications Checklist:

1. Define the Callback

What do I mean by the callback? I mean the thing you’re going to do after Christmas. I’ve often said anytime you are planning a major event or activity in the context of your church, you should always be planning whatever it is you’re doing next so that you have a clear call to action for people while they’re at your event.

When people come to your Christmas Eve services, you want to have a clear next step for them. In the context of Christmas Eve, maybe your next step is a new sermon series you’re planning to launch in January. Maybe it’s another outreach event. Define the callback and this will help with retention and keeping people connected.

2. Clarify What You’re Inviting People To

Think through what you’re inviting different groups of people to experience. For regular attenders, you’re inviting them to come worship and celebrate Jesus’ birth together. For non-attenders interested in trying church, invite them to explore your community and see if it’s a good fit. For the unchurched with no interest in attending, invite them to create Christmas memories with their family. Contextualize the invitation for each audience.

3. Build a Christmas Landing Page

Create a dedicated Christmas page on your church website with all relevant event details and information. Write the copy as if reaching unchurched people unfamiliar with church lingo.

4. Print Postcards and Posters

Print invite postcards for church members to give to their unchurched contacts. Print posters to display around the community. Include a QR code linking to your Christmas landing page.

5. Post the Event Online

Post your Christmas events on free community event listing sites like Eventbrite and AllEvents. Post in local community Facebook groups. Don’t rely solely on your own social media; most followers are already church members.

6. Run Digital Ads

Allocate some budget to run digital ads on social media and Google. Work with an agency if needed. Lead ads to your Christmas landing page. Avoid insider church lingo in ads.

7. Pray

Pray for the community you want to reach. Pray for your team. Pray that your services honor Jesus and introduce Him to new people. No marketing checklist is complete without prayer.

This checklist can help you maximize your Christmas marketing and outreach. Adjust the strategies as needed per your context. Please reach out with any questions. Wishing you a meaningful Christmas season!

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