4 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Church Website | Jason & Bart

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You may proclaim the name of Jesus on a Sunday, but does your website? Jason & Bart share 4 ways to get more visitors to your church website.

Podcast Transcription


Bart Blair: Hey, welcome to the Missional Marketing Podcast. Bart Blair and Jason Hamrock, we’re your hosts here today, we want to thank you for tuning in. We have a really cool conversation for you, Jason, we’ve been talking with a lot of churches about new traffic on their websites, and new visitors on the website, because here’s the deal, every church is looking for new people in their church building. Would you say that’s a true statement?

Jason Hamrock: I’d say that’s a very true statement.

Bart Blair: I haven’t talked to any pastor, ever, who isn’t interested in new people coming through the front doors of their church building.

Jason Hamrock: Right.

Bart Blair: We recognize that most new people are probably going to come to the website before they ever come through the front door to the church building. Do you think that’s a true statement?

Jason Hamrock: That’s 100% true.

Bart Blair: Okay, so I want to pick your brain today on how churches can get more new visitors to their website, which will hopefully lead to more new visitors visiting their actual physical worship locations. So we did our last podcast, the last one that we did, we talked about the three things that Google loves in a church website, speed, security, and crawlability. And I cherry-picked that out of content that we talked about in those lunch and learn events that we used to do. And the four points that we’re going to talk about in this podcast episode today are also kind of cherry-picked from that content that we used to share with churches in those lunch and learn events. So if you’ve got a brown bag lunch, if you’re ready to eat, pick up your lunch, and you can eat while you listen to these four points that Jason is going to expound upon. Okay, Ready? Jason, are you ready to get into this?

Jason Hamrock: I’m ready, let’s do it.

Bart Blair: All right, here we go, four ways to get more new visitors to your church website. Jason, let’s talk about organic traffic. explain what it is and how a church can use organic traffic to get more new visitors to their website.

Jason Hamrock: Well, the reality is organic is that gift that keeps on giving. And the idea there is that you want to optimize your website so that Google sees you as an authority on some kind of a subject matter, and that’s how you grow up to page one of Google, and that’s organic traffic because people are searching Google all the time. Why do we talk about Google? Because Google owns 92% of the market share. So you kind of want to follow the rules of optimizing your website when it comes to Google because there are so many people searching. And so I just got off a call with a church, we were talking about, they have a page that says, meet Jesus, right? Hey, church, if you don’t have a page on your website that actually introduces somebody to who Jesus is and how to follow him, you might want to hit the pause and go work on that right now, I’m always amazed at how many churches, I look at their website and I look at their nav bar, there’s nothing about Jesus on their website. Yes, I said that correct, there’s nothing about Jesus. They preach about him in sermons, but there’s not a page dedicated to Him. Imagine if somebody was Googling like, who is Jesus, or what’s he all about, and they stumbled organically on your page where you actually walk them through the Gospel, and then they said yes to Jesus. How cool would that be? That’s organic, the only way that Google is going to see that you’re an authority on who Jesus is is if you actually have content on your website.

Jason Hamrock: I always make this example, you talk about the luncheons. I always show this example, if you Google, like, who is Jesus? You might, it’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I always had Rolling Stone magazine on page one above the fold. Yes, Rolling Stone magazine. Why was Rolling Stone magazine on there? It’s because they wrote an article about Jesus. They did, and it’s a magazine, so they have really high-rank authority. And so they were talking about who Jesus is, and it wasn’t from the biblical standpoint, it was from the worldly standpoint. Right? So if somebody doesn’t really know any different, they are like, Rolling Stone, that’s kind of a cool magazine, I think I’ll learn about Jesus there. I cringe, right? No church, we are the authority on who Jesus is, we take it from the Bible. But yet, do you know what, your website doesn’t indicate that. You’re preaching does, but your website doesn’t. That’s organic traffic when you can take all the content such as marriage, parenting, addictions, grief, counseling, faith, and all kinds of felt need traffic and topics. You can actually optimize your website so it can be found organically, and it takes some wo

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