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Church Growth – Inviting the Outsiders In

Church growth involves reaching non-believers who are in various stages of their faith journey. Some are seekers and some are advanced in their understanding of scripture, their prayer life, and their involvement with the church, or lack thereof. This varied audience necessitates different messaging outside the walls of the church than within the current body.

As a general rule churches will get more new people in the door by communicating these kinds of things:

  1. Sermon series about marriage, family, and parenting.
  2. Announcements about Christian music performances.
  3. Invitations to Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other sermons and events.
  4. Announcements about 4th of July Events and Fall Festivals.
  5. Announcements about honoring veterans on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day.

Communicating these things will fuel church growth. Here are some examples of successful online announcements.

church growth

church growth

church growth

church growth

church growth

church growth


Google and Facebook Outside the Walls Helps Church Growth

Many church communications staffers have harnessed a plan for using Google and Facebook inside the walls of the church, but because of the complexities and ever-changing nature of online advertising, would benefit from help extending their church Facebook to reach outside the walls.

Here at Missional Marketing we are passionate about helping churches use Google and Facebook to reach audiences outside the walls and into their local communities to promote healthy church growth.

Google and Facebook church advertising can be geo-targeted to the area surrounding the church’s campus(s) to create awareness of your local church when people are searching in Google or using their Facebook accounts. This is especially useful for effectively announcing seeker friendly events and sermon series such as those listed above.

Free Expert Help With Church Google and Facebook

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  1. Jason

    Couldn’t of said it better. Google and FB offer some great tools that are amazingly effective and low cost. You can’t go wrong using these tools to reach more people.

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