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Executive Outline

Church Growth Strategies Used By These Churches and Hundreds More

Lead Pastors hire us to help their team reach more unchurched people and the strategy flat-out works to grow your church!

I work with Lead Pastors in helping them understand the most effective methods at growing their church. People outside your church are searching for help you provide but they are not finding your church. Schedule a call with me for a free examination of your digital footprint that affects church growth.

Jason HamrockCEO Missional Marketing

Jason Hamrock
Matt Van Cleave

Blue Oaks has been working with the Missional Marketing team and we see the difference in more people coming each week. We’re growing, and a big part of the success we’ve had is a result of leaning on these guys for direction. They make it easy.

Matt VanCleave
Teaching Pastor
Blue Oaks Church, CA

Bill Bush

We brought on Jason and the team to run a major project for our church. It was a huge success and we couldn’t be happier. Our staff has benefitted from this partnership. It's worth your time to learn all they do.

Bill Bush
Lead Pastor
Rock Point Church, AZ

Doyle Jackson

I have really enjoyed working with Missional Marketing. They’ve given our church a tremendous strategy in addition to helping me build a website that is reaching people online looking for help.

Doyle Jackson
Lead Pastor
The Church Next Door, OH

Have you equipped your team with the right tools and budget to be successful online?

Every week, we speak to Lead Pastors to bring them up to speed on what churches are doing with Google, Facebook and other tools to grow their church. This isn't just a 'web or social media team' issue. It starts with you! Learn so you can then influence your team. I’ll show you the footprint that has worked to help churches grow with new people.

Cal Rychener, Lead Pastor at Northwoods Church in Peoria, IL (pictured) has had his team use our services for years, and the results have been more people coming to church and coming to Jesus. The growth is happening through the strategies we've implemented with their Communications team.

Mark Rice from Mesa Baptist Church recently hired us to implement a new strategy and inside of two months time, his church saw a 23% growth in new attendees that are sticking! That has had a big impact on their excitement about ministry and confidence to go deeper in using our strategy.

Cal Rychener

How to make your sermons reach people searching online!

You spend many hours preparing and delivering your sermons. And even though they are on your website, no one outside your congregation sees them. I will show you why and how to fix it.

The truth is, your sermons are not being found online because your website is not working for you. I help Lead Pastors get their messages found online by people searching for help. The reality is many Lead Pastors now get people watching their sermons and that leads to new people attending their church.

We can teach you what you need to know to help your team make use of the most effective tools and practices.
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What Lead Pastors Need To Know

Powerful Tools Our Church Clients Use to Leverage Their Online Presence...

...and get more ‘cheeks in the seats’
Google Analytics – Tells you about your website traffic and much more.
Google Search Console – Tells you how people find your church using Google.
Domain Authority – Measures various search engine ranking factors.
Google Local Pack – Shows if your church can be found by searches in your area.
Google Grant – Provides free advertising for qualifying non-profits.
Your role as the Lead Pastor is to help your team do their best. If you are unclear about any of these tools that HELP CHURCHES GROW, then it's time to schedule a call with Jason and subscribe to our mailing list and get exclusive tips just for Lead Pastors.
Executive Pastor Tools
Miles McPherson
Missional Marketing has used their creative expertise to help our church grow in San Diego. My team loves working with them and what they do works. It just does. They also helped the launch of my new book, The Third Option. When it comes to online messaging and using Google, these guys deliver. Highly recommended!

Miles McPherson, Lead Pastor and Author   |   Rock Church, CA

Helping People Discover Jesus

We want people to discover Jesus.

When it comes to all things Google and digital strategies, we're responsible for keeping you informed with the direction your team should take in order to put ‘cheeks in the seats.’

You want to track and count numbers on your website, because every number has a name and every name has a story that matters to God.

We'll help you keep your communications and web development teams focused on techniques that bring families (especially millennials) who search Google for answers to questions about finding a church, marriage, divorce, parenting, finance, addictions, who is Jesus and many other felt-needs topics to your website.

When you opt into our ‘Cheeks in the Seats’ email, you will receive two emails per month that give you what you need to oversee your communications and web teams with informed leadership and direction.

Church Goers Discovering Jesus