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Executive Outline

Church Growth Strategies Used By These Churches and Hundreds More

Learn How churches Use Our web strategies To Get More People To ‘Stick’ To Their Church

Your website is the most powerful tool you have to help grow your church. People will check you out online before checking you out in-person. But it's so much more than UX. You need to know how Google views your website. Run a free report that tells you how you stand and take advantage of our complimentary UX consultation on how to get more people converting.

Jason HamrockCEO Missional Marketing

Jason Hamrock
Eddie Holeman

The Missional Marketing team has spoken into how we should structure our website. They have informed us of tools we didn't know existed.

Eddie Holeman
IT Director
Fellowship Greenville Church, Greenville, SC

Jason Lee

These guys are experts in the space of helping churches reach more people. Our Comms team uses them, I use them and together we have a great partnership.

Jason Lee
IT Director
Northwoods Church, Peoria, IL

Joe Honzik

My job is already overflowing, so when we brought on Jason to help, he and the team took us to another level of growing our church. That stressful part of my job is eased with this partnership.

Joe Honzik
IT Director
Blue Oaks Church, CA

What Do You Not Know That You Should?

As the overseer of the website, are you equipped with all the tools Google offers? Are you staying current with the constant changes of Google? Don't get behind and miss the opportunities. We're your guide to keep you informed.

Learning about the tools that Google offers gives you the knowledge to ask the right questions and make informed decisions as to how to best use your website to grow your church. Find out if your website is helping you or hurting you.

We can teach you what you need to know to help you make use of the most effective tools and practices.
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What Executive Pastors Need To Know

Powerful Tools Our Church Clients Use to Leverage Their Online Presence...

...and get more ‘cheeks in the seats’
Google Analytics – Tells you about your website traffic and much more.
Google Search Console – Tells you how people find your church using Google.
Domain Authority – Measures various search engine ranking factors.
Google Local Pack – Shows if your church can be found by searches in your area.
Google Grant – Provides free advertising for qualifying non-profits.
Your role as the webmaster is to get your website to perform at its best that will help grow your church. If you are unclear about any of these tools that HELP CHURCHES GROW, then it's time to schedule a call with Jaso and subscribe to our mailing list and get exclusive tips.
Executive Pastor Tools
Kelly Fan
We hired Missional Marketing to work with our team because we wanted to increase our website traffic from people who don't go to our church. They've been at it for a couple years, and the reports they show me prove that our online traffic continues to rise. That has spilled over to more people showing up for church and events. They just take the hassle off our team and what they provide works. They're always on time, on budget, and exactly what helps The Hills Church grow.

Kelly Fann   |   The Hills Church

Helping People Discover Jesus

We want people to discover Jesus.

When it comes to all things Google and digital strategies, we're responsible for keeping you informed with the direction your team should take in order to put ‘cheeks in the seats.’

You want to track and count numbers on your website, because every number has a name and every name has a story.

We'll help you keep your communications and web development teams focused on techniques that bring families (especially millennials) who search Google for answers to questions about finding a church, marriage, divorce, parenting, finance, addictions, who is Jesus and many other felt-needs topics to your website.

When you opt into our ‘Cheeks in the Seats’ email, you will receive two emails per month that give you what you need to oversee your communications and web teams with informed leadership and direction.

Church Goers Discovering Jesus