Do you ever feel as though you are going through the motions of ministry?
Are you ready to see extraordinary results?

There’s no manual on how you do church!

So our partners from CHURCHGoals Logo are helping to create one.

With over fifteen years of advanced leadership development experience, Church Goals provides power-packed, action tips and easy-to-apply guidance to supercharge your church, no matter what stage of ministry you are in.

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Are you grappling to find outreach solutions to grow you church?

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Do you wish you had a strategic method to develop your congregation spiritually?

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Are you looking to create a system for discipleship and training within your congregation?

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Meet with a small group of like-minded, rising church leaders in six live, weekly virtual sessions that guide you in key areas of church development including:


How to effectively reach your community and welcome them into your church

Church Operations

How to maintain and improve your church’s systems and processes for efficiency

Spiritual Growth

How to disciple and train your congregation to experience real transformation and spiritual growth

Leadership Development

How to nurture the volunteers and active members of your church to develop the next generation of leaders

How It Works

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Church Goals is a 6-week interactive class that typically meets on Thursdays for one-hour. Classes start every month.

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Classes are taught live via Zoom and recorded for your convenience.

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Classes are limited:

Class size is limited to less than 20 for maximum participation between attendees.

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How to Register:

Simply follow this link to register for the next class

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The Church Goals 6-week class is offered at a cost of $249.

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Engaging Facilitators:

Our facilitators have had a lot of experience in church leadership either as former Executive Pastors or Senior Pastors. Each week, you will meet one-on-one with one of our specially-trained facilitators who will help guide you through any questions or challenges you may face. Facilitators may serve as mentors, coaches, confidants, or a simple sounding board. Our facilitators may help you engage at a deeper level so you can apply the concepts you’ve learned to your ministry.

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Resource Library:

We have an entire library of resources to help support you in reaching your church goals. These resources can help you with research, examples and various methods to apply to your ministry.

Business Classroom


Class attendees are encouraged to to the following:
1. Fill Their Seat - if you found value in the class, recommend it to someone you know who would also benefit from the class. The helps perpetuate ministry.
2. Launch a Business Goals Ministry - most churches that attend the Church Goals classes can't wait to launch a Business Goals ministry at their church. Business Goals was the predecessor to Church Goals and is very similar but for the businesses in your church and community.


Both Business Goals and Church Goals are ministries of Thrive and Bayside Church.

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The most common comment we hear from pastors who attend Church Goals is...

“Thank you for encouraging and equipping us to grow our church.”

For more information:

Church Goals
8205 Sierra College Blvd. 916-316-5320
Granite Bay, CA 95661