church Christmas marketing

Church Christmas Marketing

Church Christmas Marketing is a great way to bring unchurched and churchless people to your Christmas Mass or Christmas Service. Our certified Google and Facebook experts have done many church Christmas Marketing Campaigns. In 2016 our team celebrated when one of our Christmas Online Marketing Campaigns caused nearly 750 decisions for Christ. We can help your church attract more followers with a church Christmas advertising campaign.

Church Christmas Marketing: Google Search Network

Church Christmas marketing with the Google Search Network ensures your church will be found when people search for ‘Christmas Church Service’.

Google is the most powerful search engine on the web, so if you want your church to be found it is vital that you appear high up in their rankings.  It is possible to appear high up in their rankings for certain terms organically, but this can take months of search engine optimization work. While this is a good long term goal to have as a part of your digital strategy, it is simply not feasible to promote seasonal events such as Christmas in this way. You need to appear high up in the Google search rankings instantly, and this is achieved by sponsoring your pages through the Google Search Network.

When you use the Google Search Network to promote your church on Google, you are essentially paying for your website to appear in the first couple of slots when someone searches for a keyword related to your ad. This is really important because the top three spots in the Google rankings receive the lion’s share of the traffic.

How to Set Up Google Search Network Ads for Church Christmas Advertising

Setting up a church Christmas advertising Google Search Campaign Ad can be tricky to achieve the best results, but we are here to guide you every step of the way.

First, you want to create a list of keywords that you want to use for your ad to rank in Google. Some examples would be Christmas Church Service, Christmas Church Events, Christmas Events near me and so on. Once you have your list of keywords, you bundle them together into what is called on Ad Group.

The next step is to create the landing page that your ad will lead people to when they click it. This is a really important step because the more relevant your landing page is to the keywords in your Ad Group, the better your ad will perform. This is due to the Google Quality Score, which is a scale on which Google rates all of the ads. It is a scale ranked from 1-10, and the relevance of the landing page that the ad leads to is a key indicator. For this reason, your landing page must be optimized for the keywords in your Ad Group, and also optimized for the best SEO standards. To read more about Ad Groups for your church, check out our Church Search Campaign Landing Pages blog post.

If someone searches for ‘Christmas Church Service’, they will be delivered to your ad like the picture below.

church Christmas marketing church christmas advertising


Church Christmas Marketing: Google Display Network

The Google Display Network works hand in hand with the Google Search Network. Where the search network delivers your ads to people when they search on Google, the display network targets them everywhere else across the web. This can be on other websites and apps that people are visiting across the internet. These ads come in the form of banner and sidebar images, like the one below.

church Christmas marketing church christmas advertising

These types of ads allow you to target people in certain demographics who could be interested in your offering. Each ad is branded to your church. They are also designed to entice the maximum amount of engagement from the people that see it. Similarly to your Google Search Network ads, your ads will lead the visitor to a landing page that is optimized to your ad. This ensures a good user experience for your visitor because you are delivering them the exact content they want.

To read more about Ad Groups for your church, check out our Church Google Ad Groups blog post.

church Christmas marketing church christmas advertising


Church Christmas Marketing: Facebook

Once you have your Google Search Network and Google Display Network ads in place, your next port of call is undoubtedly Facebook. Facebook is an amazingly powerful tool for event promotion, due to its vast reach and huge amount of user data. Facebook allows you to really drill down to specific demographics of people, and because they have so much data on its users, it is really effective for targeting.

Even if your Facebook page has thousands of followers, you are still not going to reach them. In fact, only 5-10% of your followers will see any post you make. This is why it is important to implement a paid campaign on Facebook for your Christmas events. Not only will your followers see your message, but it has the potential to reach thousands of new followers too.

Facebook Ad Types

There are three kinds of Facebook Ads that your church can use as part if its church Christmas advertising campaign.

  1. Single Image Link Ads: Churches can use single image link ads so they can attract more people to their website. These single image link ads are clickable, and the photo, text box, and call-to-action button all link to your church’s website.
  2. Multiple Image Ads. These ads are in a carousel format. The carousel format allows you to show 3-5 images and/or videos, headlines, links, or calls to action in a single ad unit. It’s possible to accomplish a variety of communications objectives using image carousels. Ads in the carousel format consistently drive great results for churches because they can be used to tell a story. For example, many church campaigns that use these see a lower cost per conversion or click.
  3. Video Ads. With the massive growth in video viewing on Facebook, churches are spreading their communications messages with Facebook video ads. This could be a leadership message, an invitation, a snippet from a great sermon, or any other video message your church wants to show to its neighbors.

Below is an example of a Single Image Link Ad, which is a great choice for a Christmas events campaign. It has an engaging design, and a clear call to action so it leads the visitor to a landing page. To read more about Facebook Ads for your church, check out our  Church Facebook Advertising blog post.

church Christmas marketing church christmas advertising

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