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Missional Marketing by Gdirect has created the ultimate no-hassle Church Business Directory. It is truly the most evolved post-print era Church Business Directory available. If you want to increase your church’s online presence, and also provide a valuable service to your congregation, you should consider creating a Church Business Directory today.

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Cutting Edge Church Business Directory

Through experience gained from working with many prominent mega churches, and also by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have developed a highly automated, technically evolved Church Business Directory. We call it a Missional Marketing Platform because it is designed to engage your business leaders and congregation.

There are substantial benefits that the church receives, such as identifying and engaging business leaders, tithing, marketplace impact, ministry exposure, and community awareness.

Church Benefits of Church Business Directory

We are aware it can be a struggle to engage your members during the week. Your congregation goes to the marketplace and spends 40-60 hours of their time with nonbelievers, because they have no other options.

We have found with an intentional push with this platform, it can engage your members to be the Light of the world in their marketplace,and also their lives, by:

  • Identify and also engage business leaders
  • Encourage tithing
  • Increase marketplace impact
  • Increase ministry exposure
  • Heighten community awareness
  • Sharing the directory with coworkers, friends, family members and neighbors so reach increases organically
  • Using the digital tools we provide, so your church message is sent, shared, and used
  • We connect your church to the marketplace, and as a result, to  parishioners

church business directory

Features of Church Business Directory

So here are some of the distinguishing features that make this a superb choice for churches:


church business directory search

A robust search engine


church business directory

Wide social connectivity


church display advertising

Church online banner advertising can be used to promote any church ministry.


church business directory eligibility review

Automated advertiser eligibility process.


church business directory reviews

Moderated advertiser reviews.


Free Ministry Ads In Church Business Directory

Our Church Business Directory includes free ministry ads, so the church gets added value. You can see examples of ministry ads in a live Church Business Directory here.


Church Business Directory Channels

The number of publication channels that are deployed depends upon the size of the church and also the number of paid advertisers. Initial Online Channels Include:

  • Online Business Directory
  • Reviews of the Businesses
  • A Share Widget

Channels that may also be deployed:

  • Mobile App
  • Browser App
  • Business Directory Facebook Page


We Always Protect the Church

Since we are dedicated believers and Kingdom builders ourselves, our top priority is to protect the church. We do this by including free professional dispute resolution, so that any money related grievances are taken care of swiftly. We also keep a close eye on business advertisements to make sure their content is appropriate for a church business directory. This ensures quality is suitable, and also relevant to your church goers. You can read more about Church Business Directory conflict resolution here.

church business directory mediation

Free professional mediation.


Who Pays for This Church Business Directory?

In churches with 2,000 or fewer attendees, the church pays us an affordable monthly fee and then allows their businesses to advertise for free.

In churches with 2,001 or more attendees, businesses pay for their advertisements with affordable month-to-month subscriptions, which are also very affordable starting at just a few dollars per month. Or the business owners can choose a very basic free listing that is perfect for small home based businesses.

Link to One of Our Church Business Directories

Gateway Church in the Dallas area is one of our clients. Here is a link to their Gateway’s Church Business Directory.

church business directory testimonials

For More Information

Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian communications firm working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a Top 5% Certified Google Partner. So get in touch today by clicking the button below:

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