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Church at Home Landing Pages

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, churches all over the country are scrambling to reposition their church online while remaining connected to their members. If you're looking for a simple solution, we recommend a Church at Home (or Church Online) focused landing page. We'll build you a single page for your most pressing announcements about closures and status, a place for viewing your live stream and recent sermon videos, and any other resources you'd like to share with your congregation, including encouragement from the pastor, a link to information from the CDC, and local support offerings for those in need.


Need help updating your church website or troubleshooting technical issues while we're at it? No problem! We offer standard hourly rates on any web work, and our church specialized development team is eager to help.

Church Online Landing Page Example

We've put together a list of recommended content ideas for your Church at Home landing page which you'll see in the following example. This page should provide any important information that your congregation might need to reference in the next several months, along with your live stream and/or recent sermon messages.

Church Online Landing Page Mockup

Rethink Church

Right now your church needs to rethink engagement. Your website no longer acts as your church’s front door- it is the new church building. At one point, getting people to physically attend your weekend services was one of the main goals of your website. But now, your church needs to rethink the very nature of church, community, and how you hope to connect with visitors. Your website should greet people as if they are attending your church for the first time and then move them towards deeper levels of community and connection.

How the Church is Changing

Church in a Building

Look & Feel of Your Church Building/ Signage
Church Lobby
Greeter & Information Table
Main Service
Children’s Ministry
Connect Table/ Information Table
Finding Your Church Physically & Online

Church Online

Look & Feel of your Website/Church Logo
Church Homepage
Plan-A-Visit Page
Online Viewing Page
Kids Page
Connect Page, Electronic Connect Card
Finding Your Church Online!

The New Plan a Visit Page

Your church’s previous Plan a Visit page promoted your church’s weekend services. The goal was to answer every possible question while preparing people to attend a physical service. Now that churches are not physically meeting, this page needs to change. Don’t erase your present page as you will need the content once churches begin meeting again. But you should create a new Plan a Visit page dedicated to your online services.

Your new Plan a Visit page should answer many of the same questions as your previous page, but be oriented towards your online services. For example:

  • Will your online service include music? If so, what kind?
  • Will there be a time where the church talks about offering? If so, how do people give and who should give?
  • Does the church offer anything for children?
  • How long does the service/sermon last?
  • Are there ways to connect with the church beyond the Sunday service?

Electronic Connect Card

Growing your church in the age of online viewing is more than increasing views on your streaming services. Your church still needs to engage visitors and move them forward in their faith journey. Your website should offer many ways and opportunities for individuals to reach out and connect with the church. Pages dedicated to serving in ministry and connecting in groups should offer a form for people to fill out.

Your church should also create an electronic Connect Card you can advertise during your weekend services. This form is a way for new guests to let the church know you are watching. Many churches offer some sort of gift for people willing to fill out a Connect Card for the first time. This electronic Connect Card is a vital way for your church to engage guests checking out your online services for the first time.

Fast Deployment of a Church Online Landing Page or Other Website Needs

Need to quickly launch a landing page for your online church services? We can set up and launch a page dedicated to your online services, COVID-19 outbreak resources, and announcements fast! As you prepare to stream your services on Sunday, let us work on your landing page. We're also happy to help with any other website needs at our standard hourly rates. Simply fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you shortly.