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Church Advertising

When people have burdens, worries, problems, and practical needs to address, they are frequently turning to the internet for answers. For this reason, it has never been more important to start a Church Advertising Campaign. This will allow you to spread the word of the Lord online, and attract people to your church and its ministries.

This is what our church advertising campaigns are extremely effective at accomplishing. Our campaigns target churchless people when they are online, so that they are led to your church for answers. What we do is structure a church advertising campaign so that your church gets maximum exposure online across multiple channels such as Google and Facebook.  There are a number of elements to a church marketing campaign, so we have explained each one below. Start a church advertising campaign today, so you can better reach those who are in need.

Over the past decade, Google has grown into the worlds most popular search engine. It is most people’s first port of call when they search for answers online. It has become so popular that it has even garnered its own word in the English language. What do you do when you’re searching for information online? You Google it!

For this reason, it is vital that any church advertising campaign incorporates Google. Google itself makes the majority of it’s money by allowing people to advertise on the platform. When it comes to advertising on Google, there are two products that they offer: the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

Church Advertising with Google Search Network

The Google Search Network essentially allows you to pay for your church to appear in the first 2-3 results of a Google search. This is vital, as most people do not scroll down past these first few results. In fact, these first few results receive over 80% of the traffic.

When people search for felt needs such as ‘divorce support’, ‘financial counseling’, ‘parenting’ or ‘marriage’, you want these people to be led into the arms of your church. This is achieved by implementing a Google Search Network Campaign. To get started on a campaign, you create your ad that you want to appear in Google, and then bid against other advertisers who want to rank for the same search terms. The ad with the highest bid for the keyword will often get displayed by Google. However, it is possible to to rank higher in the results with a lower bid if you attain a good Google Quality Score.

A key practice to make your ad rank highly on Google is to attain a high Google Quality Score. The Google Quality Score is a scale of 1-10, and it is how Google ranks the ads that are submitted. The higher your score, the better your ad will perform against other ads vying for the same spots. One of the key  indicators for a high quality score is relevance. Google loves relevance, so the more relevant your ad is to the search that someone conducts, the higher the score you will achieve.

church advertising

This is achieved by first making a list of all the ministries of your church, and then assigning a group of keywords to each ministry. This is called a Church Google Ad Group. Here are some examples of ad groups and their keywords:

Ad GroupKeyword 1Keyword 2
Churchchurches near mechristian churches
Prayerprayer requestprayer chain
Bible Studybible studybible study guide
Marriagemarriage counselingmarriage classes
Parentingparenting classesparenting advice
Preschoolpreschoolpreschool near me
Elementaryelementaryelementary schools near me
Studentsmiddle school activitieshigh school activities
Young Adultsyoung adult activitiesevents for young adults
Men's Activitiesmen's activitiesevents for men
Women's Activitieswomen's activitiesevents for women
Financialbudgetingdebt counseling
Volunteer Oppurtunitiesvolunteer oppurtunitiesvolunteer opportunities near me
Local Missionsserve locallyvolunteer locally
Global Missionsserve overseasvolunteer overseas
Counselingfamily counselingchristian counseling
Griefgrief counselinggrief support
Denominationscatholic churchbaptist church

Once you have your Church Google Ad Groups in place, you then have to create a landing page for each group. This allows you to optimize each page for the keywords in the Ad Group so that you achieve a higher Google Quality Score.

The result of a successful Google Search Network campaign is that when someone searches for a felt need such as ‘Parenting Support’, they will be delivered a result that will lead them to your landing page, and ultimately into the arms of your church. If you would like to learn more, check out our article on Google Search Network.

Church Advertising with Google Display Network

Where the Google Search Network allows you to advertise to people who are searching Google, the Google Display Network allows you to target them everywhere else across the internet. If you have ever seen an ad on a web page or a YouTube video, chances are that it was delivered to you as part of the Google Display Network. It is a really useful tool for targeting people who might have an interest in your church, its ministries and its events.

Creating an ad is similar to creating a Google Search Campaign Ad. Your ad will lead to an optimized landing page, but with the Display Network you can create an image for your ad, that will be shown on various websites across the web. Here are some examples of some previous Display Network ads:

As you can see, these Display Ads are expertly designed to entice people to click on them. When a user clicks on one of these ads they will be guided to a relevant landing page with more information related to the ad.

The Google Display Network is a powerful way to get the word out about seasonal events including Easter, Vacation Bible School, Summer Celebrations, Fall Festivals, and Christmas. It is also very effective for marriage conferences, campus launches, guest musical artists, guest speakers, guest comedians, etc.

Church Advertising with Optimized Landing Pages

As mentioned above, your ads deliver the people who click them to optimized landing pages, but what exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a page that a visitor is guided to when they click one of your ads, and it is optimized with keywords that relate to the keywords in your ad group.

Here is a checklist of the important attributes of landing pages. Doing the things in this list will result in a landing page with a high Google Quality Score.

  1. Write a title that matches the Focus Keyword in the Google Search Campaign.
  2. Give your Landing Page a Meta Description that is relevant to the Keyword and Ad in the Google Search Campaign.
  3. Write your Focus Keyword into a Meta Description that is no more than 156 total characters.
  4. Write the Focus Keyword into the first paragraph of the page.
  5. Tag the Landing Page with keywords that match the keywords in the Google Search Campaign.
  6. Tag images that appear on the Landing Page with alternative text that matches the focus Keyword in the Google Search Campaign.
  7. Include the Focus Keyword in the page’s URL.
  8. Compose your Landing Page with a minimum of 300 words.
  9. Position your Landing Page as a transition point between the Google Search Campaign and additional relevant content on the church’s website.
  10. Insert your Focus Keyword into your Landing Page at least once for every 100 words.

Below you can see some examples of sample Cornerstone landing pages. These are very effective landing pages. The have a large image so you can see what the page is about at a glance. They contain text with the keywords that are related to what the visitor was searching for, and they also contain a call to action, such as ‘Learn More’. A call to action can lead the visitor to another page that has more detailed information on the topic that they have been searching for. This also has the added benefit of reducing your church websites bounce rates.

If you would like to learn more, check out our article on Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages.

  • Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages
  • Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages
  • Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages
  • Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages
  • marriage-support-at-cornerstone
  • personal-finance-at-cornerstone

Church Advertising with SEO

We have covered how to use the Google Search Network to appear on page one of Google. This is what is called a ‘paid campaign’, as you are essentially paying Google to appear high in their rankings. However, it is possible to appear high up in the Google rankings organically. This is a longer term strategy, and it will often be 6-12 months before you see significant results, but it is a vital part of any church marketing strategy.

To rank well in Google’s search results organically, you must perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to all the pages of your website. Follow this checklist for each page of your site so your site will appear more search engine friendly to Google.

  1. Page Titles: Your page titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your site, so write a title that matches the Focus Keyword for the page.
  2. Meta Descriptions: Give your page a Meta Description that is relevant to the Keyword you are optimizing for, and also make sure the description contains your focus keyword.
  3. Keyword Placement: Write the Focus Keyword into the first paragraph of the page.
  4. Meta Tags: Tag the pages with keywords so that they match the keywords in the Felt Needs Ad Groups.
  5. Image Tags: Tag images that appear on the page with alternative text so they match the focus Keyword.
  6. URL Structure: Include the Focus Keyword in the page’s URL.
  7. Word-count: Ensure your page has at least 300 words, because Google loves pages with lots of content.
  8. Body Tags: Use headers that contain your focus keyword (H1, H2, etc.).
  9. Keyword Density: Insert your Focus Keyword into your webpage at least once for every 100 words.
  10. Internal Linking: Link to other pages within your site using keywords as anchor text.

If you would like to learn more, check out our article on Church Website SEO.

Church Advertising with Facebook

Facebook is to the modern church as the Gutenberg printing press was to the Reformation. Church Facebook Advertising is a revolutionary communication tool that reaches people, so it is vital you start implementing it today.

Facebook is the best tool to target specific demographics of potential followers. A Facebook ad can target them effectively because of the content in their Facebook profile, and because of their behaviors when they are using Facebook. The result is they become aware of your ministry while they are using Facebook. When they click on the ad they go to a Landing Page that gives them more information.

Facebook is also an effective way to promote events that are occurring at your church. Much like the Google Display Network, Facebook is an excellent way to get the word out about seasonal events including Easter, Vacation Bible School, Summer Celebrations, Fall Festivals, and Christmas. It is also very effective for marriage conferences, campus launches, guest musical artists, guest speakers, guest comedians, etc.

Here are a couple of examples of some effective Facebook ads:


Possible Areas for Church Advertising

The table below lists many of the things we have seen church advertising support successfully.

Seasonal Outreach EventsSpecial Outreach EventsMinistry OutreachMinistry OutreachSermon Outreach Events
Marriage ConferenceGuest Speaker or PastorMarriage MinistryMen's MinistryMarriage Sermons
Relationship ConferenceGuest AuthorParenting MinistryWomen's MinistryParenting Sermons
Singles EventComedianSingles MinistryCare MinistryRelationship Sermons
Easter ServiceMusic Event or Guest Music ActRelationship MinistryDivorce Care MinistryAddiction and Recovery Sermons
Vacation Bible SchoolLeadership EventLife Group MinistryPost Abortion MinistryChronic Illness Sermons
Summer CampMarriage ConferencePrayer MinistryMental Health MinistryLife Crisis Sermons
4th of JulyParenting ConferenceBible Study MinistryRecovery MinistryBiblical Personal Finance Sermons
Fireworks EventMotor Cycle Enthusiast EventFinancial MinistryCounseling MinistryMental Health Sermons
Ministry Year Kick-OffAutomobile Enthusiast EventPreschool MinistryChronic Illness Ministry
Fall FestDrama WorkshopKids MinistryVisitation Ministry
Trunk or TreatWomen's Conference or RetreatStudents MinistryArt's Ministry
ThanksgivingMen's Conference or RetreatAdult MinistrySports Ministry Ministry
ChristmasStudent ConferenceSenior MinistryCafé

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