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Church Ads Increase Church Web TrafficLast Updated: April 1st, 2020

So you have your church website, but there doesn’t seem to be many visitors arriving. Is there something wrong with your website? Why isn’t it appearing in Google? Well, the answer is simple. While your web developers have probably done a great job in building your site, driving traffic to your site requires a completely different skill-set. There are two types of traffic that can arrive at your site: Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic. Organic traffic is when people arrive at your site naturally, either through your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, or your social following. However, to build up a large social following or a lot of SEO weight can take quite a long time. To get traffic quickly, paid traffic (church ads) is the most effective strategy.

With paid traffic, you can start to drive traffic to your site as soon as it goes online. This is a great way to start bringing visitors to your site immediately, while you build up your Church SEO in the background. With Paid traffic, you create ads on various platforms, and when people click them they are delivered to your website. There are loads of different platforms where you can post your church ads, but in this article, we will be focusing on the two big hitters; Google and Facebook. Church ads placed on Google and on Facebook are a great way to increase church web traffic.

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Facebook Church Ads Targeted at People Who Like Your Facebook Page

So let’s face it, a Church can’t send emails for every ministry. Therefore they need to support ministries with other channels of promotion. Facebook is an excellent way to promote different ministries effectively. What makes Facebook such a useful tool is the ability to target people in such specific demographics. When you create an ad, you set which demographics of people you would like to see it. You can then also choose whether you just want your current page followers to see the ad, or your page followers and their friends. Selecting the latter is a great way of attracting new followers to your church, as they will see that a friend of theirs already likes the page.

For example, let’s say you want to promote your Marriage Ministry, you can target your ads so that only married people, in your area, aged 23-45 will see the ad. This makes it infinitely more effective than other traditional marketing methods. You can create ads for all the ministries you want to promote, and target them only to the people who you want to see them.

Google Church Ads: Google Search Network

Today, when people are searching for answers, Google is often the first place they turn to. For this reason, it is important that they can find your church when they arrive there. The first couple of results on the first page of Google receives the vast majority of traffic, so it is vital that your church website is appearing here. Improving your church website SEO is a great place to start, but the best way to achieve a top ranking in Google quickly is to sponsor your posts using the Google Search Network for churches. With the Google Search Network, we create ads that are relevant to what your visitors might be searching for and then deliver them to landing pages that contain relevant content. Running a Google Search Campaign is guaranteed to increase your Church Web Traffic

church ads

A vital element in making your ad rank highly on Google is to attain a high Google Quality Score. A high-quality score is achieved by ensuring your ad leads to content that is very relevant to your visitor. This is achieved by first making a list of all the ministries of your church, and then assigning a group of keywords to each ministry. This is called a Church Google Ad Group. Here are some examples:

DivorceGlobal MissionsAlcohol Recovery
DenominationsFinancialLocal MissionsAddiction
Christian SinglesWorkplace/CareersCounselingBookstore
DaycareFoster CareDepressionCoffee Shop
Summer ActivitiesParentingAnxietyPurpose
PreschoolFootballPost-Traumatic Stress DisorderJesus Christ
ElementaryBasketballAttention Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderHoly Spirit
SoccerBipolar DisorderBible Study
Young AdultsVolunteer OppurtunitiesObsessive Compulsive DisorderFaith
DatingFood PantryAutism Spectrum DisorderWomen's Activities
Premarital/EngagedThrift StoreGriefMen's Activities
MarriageCommunity ServicesCancerPrayer

Once we have your Church Google Ad Groups in place, we then create a landing page for each group. This allows us to optimize each page for the keywords in the Ad Group so that the ad achieves a higher Google Quality score, and will receive a higher placement in the Google results. Find out what keywords your church website is currently optimized for with our Keyword Analyzer tool.

Google Church Ads: Google Display Network

The Google Display Network for churches is a powerful tool and great for driving effective church web traffic. While the Google Search Network ensures that people find your website when they are searching in Google, the Google Display Network ensures that they find your site when they are viewing other sites on the web.

This works by showing your ads to your target audience in the form of display ads on other websites and apps such as YouTube. This is a very effective way to target your audience so that no matter what site they are visiting, they will see your ad.

Setting up a Google Display Network campaign is similar to setting up a Google Search Network campaign. First, we identify the ministries that you want to advertise and then create a landing page for each of them. Google Display Network ads are also subject to a Google Quality Score, so it is important that your ads are optimized for this also. Having the relevant landing pages will help with this greatly because Google just loves relevant content!

Here are some examples of Church Google Display Network ads:

church ads   church adschurch ads   church ads

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