It’s time to start thinking about Christmas. We can guide you in reaching the unchurched and bring them to your services this Christmas season.
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Christmas Is When The Unchurched Are Most Receptive

LifeWay Research found that 6 of 10 Americans will attend church during Christmas. Amongst those who don’t attend, 57% would come if someone invited them.

Younger Americans are less likely to participate in a service or Christmas service than their elders. 53% percent of those 18 to 24 say they attend church at Christmas, compared to nearly 70% of those who are 35+ years old.

We Build Church Websites

We often hear churches say "We don't advertise Christmas because we're already full.".

Those who believe that are making a mistake. Here's why: This is the time of year unchurched people are looking for a church. Google data shows this. When you advertise to them, even if they do not come to your church during Christmas, you will make an impression on them. You never want to stop reaching and inviting people to your church. Have you ever heard a business say "we don't need any more customers? Is the Church ever done reaching people? Of course not. This is your chance to generate traffic to your website.

Great Design + Solid SEO (Brings More Website Traffic)


Shepherd of the Desert

Shepherd of the Desert in Scottsdale, AZ is a unique church in that it has two locations very near to each other which provide distinct worship styles. Because of this, priority number one for their new website was to emphasize this to first-time visitors, and determine what worship style is right for them.

In addition, Shepherd of the Desert has many ministries that serve people searching for help with Felt Needs. This aspect of their church was not prominently displayed on their old website, which presented a clear opportunity for improvement.

Grace Pointe Church

Grace Pointe came to us with the clear conviction that they wanted their new church website to have a completely distinct user-experience for first-time visitors compared to the people who already attend their church.

To accomplish this, their new website first funnels the user to the appropriate place depending on the campus that is relevant to them and whether or not they currently attend the church. Once there, the content is entirely tailored to their needs - whether they are a first-time visitor or someone who currently attends the church.

South Fellowship

South Fellowship is a large church that has a web developer on staff, but they also had thousands of pages of content that required migration from their old website to their new website, including events, daily messages, and sermons. To this end, we collaborated with their web developer in creation of their new website.

This partnership added three developers to their team and also brought our expertise in On-Page SEO, Felt Needs Content, and Local SEO to the project. The finished product of their new church website provided the perfect landing page to use with an interruptive Facebook ad campaign. They now look forward to growing their web traffic through event specific digital advertising campaigns and continued SEO efforts.

Doyle Jackson

Doyle Jackson came to us with his desire to reach young men (age 20-35) with the Gospel. This is his personal ministry, which he performs in addition to his responsibilities as a lead pastor. He aims to reach this group with his sermons, blogs, and daily devotionals.

This website provides the platform for his ministry and utilizes our Sermon Video Library to provide rich landing page content for a Google Grant Campaign. In combination, these two products have a powerful benefit of bringing targeted traffic from the most relevant keywords to his website.

Messiah Lutheran

Messiah Lutheran had a need for an affordable new website thanks to their previous website having deficiencies in design, On-Page SEO, and Local SEO.

Their new website loads quickly, is secure, and is well optimized for search engine crawlability. Further, it is built using a theme that makes it easy for their non-technical Communications person to handle routine content additions.

Upon launching the website, Messiah Lutheran elected to purchase our Wordpress Website Maintenance subscription. They have peace of mind as we continue to monitor, run back ups, and perform updates that are critical to the overall security of the site. They also have the foundation for continuous improvement to their web traffic and plan to continue chipping away at SEO and adding content to accommodate new Felt Needs web traffic.

Strawbridge United Methodist Church

Strawbridge UMC retained us to build a new website and design a new logo. We took care to implement 301 redirects from their old website's URL structure in order to retain their existing SEO juice following the site transition.

We also took care to include all of the most important local metadata on their homepage so that Google correctly sees identifies the physical location of the church in local searches.

Once the website was launched, Strawbridge took advantage of our monthly Wordpress Website Maintenance subscription and also our Google Analytics & Search Console subscription. With this combination of ongoing services, we continue to monitor, run back ups, perform updates, and make meaningful suggestions for improvement of the site based on visitor behavior data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Your Website Is Waiting

The goal is to gain and engage more first-time visitor traffic to your website because there is a connection between website traffic and church attendance.

If you would like to speak with a church growth strategist to receive an estimate on building your church website, please schedule an appointment using the button below.

Once we have a new church website, how do we get more traffic?

Great question! Churches that hire us to build their website continue to partner with us to focus on gaining more first-time visitor traffic.

Our strategy makes extensive use of digital tools like Google, Facebook, Youtube, and others. You can find out more about how our strategies work by following the links included in this section.

Churches that are implementing our strategy are growing and the Kingdom is expanding as a result!

Some techniques we use to increase first-time visitor traffic for churches include: