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Every minister has felt some level of frustration after Christmas and Easter Sunday. Church attendance peaks, prayers are answered, and the atmosphere is amazing. Next Sunday comes and it is back to business as usual, mostly. Church Retargeting Campaigns can help you change that.

How people find their way to your church, and what keeps them from coming back every Sunday of the year is a collaboration between your church and the Holy Spirit. Church Retargeting Campaigns can be the one tool to help you reach them again and bring the lost home. You don’t have to wait for the next major Christian holiday for another shot at touching them.

What are Church Retargeting Campaigns?

People are online and probably found you through a web search. If they’ve been invited by someone, they have probably looked you up before coming to visit. If you monitor your website, surely you have noticed its traffic spiking around the two major holidays.

With our retargeting code added to your website, cookies will be tagging your visitor’s computer, phone, or tablet. Those will allow you to deliver banner ads to them later on. That’s like nudging them, or sending them a text message saying, hey, we’re here for you! It is a nice way to invite them back without being “pushy.”

How Does It Work?

When someone visits your website, a tracking cookie is attached to that visitor. This is something that happens when you visit various sites, such as Amazon, for instance. This cookie will allow for that visitor to be tracked, and reached again in the future.

A retargeting campaign can be used to re-engage that person. You can reach them using banner advertising images promoting your church on various other websites they visit, then lead them back to your church’s website, and back to you.

Imagine that every time someone comes into your church, they get a sticker on their hand to identify them. Now whenever they visit partnering places, someone comes to them and asks, “Hey, have you heard of this great church?” Wouldn’t that be convenient? Church Retargeting Campaigns work just like that.

You Won’t Hear the End of It

It may be called Church Retargeting Campaigns, but that’s not all it will do for you. Beyond bringing back lost visitors to your website—which is already pretty awesome—retargeting helps to convert those website visitors into visitors to your church. Reaching them online will then allow you to reach them in person.

Because we use real-time bidding platforms that serve your ads across top networks, your reach will not end with Google. It will also include OpenX, Rubicon, and maybe even some you’ve never heard of, that cater to precious visitors.

Facebook or Website Retargeting: Yours to Choose

You can choose from two types of retargeting: Website Retargeting, or Facebook Retargeting. In other words, you can publish your ads on various websites or on Facebook. Almost 30% of U.S. online ads are viewed on Facebook! Also, when visitors engage with your ads and your site, it appears in their Facebook feed, making your church visible to all of their connections.

We also offer a dashboard service that can provide you with detailed analytics on how your campaigns are performing. That information allows you to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, making your ads relevant and effective. Missional Marketing and Facebook use anonymous cookies to place ads and do not share or exchange any data whatsoever.

At the end of the day, we have only one mission at heart. We are passionate about reaching the lost with the greatest love message on earth and we know you are too. With Church Retargeting Campaigns, we want to help you achieve that.

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