christian writing services for churches

Christian Writing Services for ChurchesLast Updated: April 1st, 2020

For churches, the clarity of the message and The Story have always been central to achieving effectiveness and changing hearts. But, sometimes there is a disconnect, and here’s why: If people in your community either don’t know what you do, or don’t understand it as it relates to them, then no dialogue will ensue. And dialogue is the key to changing hearts and minds. It always has been and it always will be. Nothing happens in a monologue, no matter how loud or authoritative it may be. Not surprisingly, Christian writing services may be an answer to starting those conversations in your community.

Increasingly, churches and parachurch organizations use Christian writing services to help hone their message and get the word out about what they do and why they do it. Finding just the right writer is critical. As you know, we in the church have our own language that we understand and use on a daily basis. People outside the church may know innately that there’s help at the church for them, but translating from ‘Christian-ese’ to down-to-earth language that is easy to understand and relate to is a vital part of completing the circuit with them.  If you don’t have a writer on your staff that can do this kind of translating and writing, then perhaps you should think of hiring a Christian writing service.

Christian Writing Services for Churches

Here at Missional Marketing, one of our favorite writers is Dennis Welch. He is a long time Believer, raised in the church, and is honored to be doing God’s work every day in his professional life. He is also a published songwriter, and he says that writing songs actually translates well to the other kinds of writing he does every day. “Think about it,” he says. “Songwriters have 3 minutes to make their point. They can’t waste a single word. And, they have to make us feel something, and act in one way or the other. That’s exactly the definition of my every day job as a writer.”

Landing Page Christian Writing Services for Churches

That gift has come in particularly handy recently for Missional Marketing and our current work with churches around the country. For a while now, churches have offered help online to people in need. But then, when the individual clicks on the link, he or she is taken directly to a church website, and sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming as a first step.  Missional Marketing has figured out that there needed to be an interim step, a church landing page that addressed the seeker’s needs and questions quickly and effectively, a conversation starter but not the entire conversation.

Dennis is doing that for us now. He has a 300 word limit per landing page to make the seeker feel safe and to begin a dialogue that we all hope ends with a new beginning in the church and with Jesus Christ. In a way, it’s songwriting, a song, a high stakes message that could have life changing effect on an unwed mother, or someone suffering from depression, or an addict who is desperate for a way out of the web he or she is caught in.

christian writing services

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