Christian Debt ForgivenessLast Updated: October 6th, 2020

Recently we had a business owner defaulting on their church business directory payment obligation. This business owner is a faithful Christian and a good person. The Holy Spirit prompted us to consider Christian debt forgiveness.

Why Christian Debt Forgiveness?

Our client fell on hard times when they encountered a double whammy where some of their client’s didn’t pay followed by a month of illness that caused them them to be unable to work. The domino effect resulted in them being unable to pay us.

We prayed about it and God prompted us to help them by leaving their ad online and forgiving the past due amount. We consulted scripture and found in Matthew 18:21-35 – The Parable of the Unforgiving Debtor. This reminded us that we have been forgiven and we are in turn to forgive others. We love the explanation of this scripture we found in

The client was very grateful and here is what they said to us:

Wow, that is extremely generous.  I am still in business but have gotten very behind on most of my bills due to being out of work for close to a month. That was a very nice email to receive – especially since half of my calls to the office are collectors of some sort.   I am trying very hard to just keep the basic business services operating.


How did we know we should forgive this client’s debt?

  1. We were prompted by The Holy Spirit
  2. We prayed
  3. and We consulted scripture

We operate Church Business Directories for some of the largest churches in America and have over 25,000 Christian businesses in our system. We have bills to pay and obligations to meet and we can’t do this for everyone, but we’re are glad we had this opportunity to be obedient to our Lord and forgive this client’s debt.

Do you have a debtor you are being prompted to forgive?

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