Christian Business Directory-ChristianList USALast Updated: October 6th, 2020

ChristianList USA ( is a Christian Business Directory that reaches a network of thousands of consumers through communities and churches served by Missional Marketing, the nation’s leading Church Business Directory publisher.
At time of writing, Missional Marketing has 58 Church Business Directories online throughout the country. Many of these Church Business Directories serve churches with 3,000 or more attendees, some of America’s largest churches.

Attendees at these churches often need to find a product or service, so they look first to their fellow Christians by using their Church’s Business Directory. If there are no results, or they can’t find exactly what they need in their own directory, they can expand their search to include businesses from ChristianList USA. All searches are geo-located so users can adjust their location and distance at any time.

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Consumers throughout the country are also driven directly to ChristianList USA by digital campaigns in Google and Facebook. It’s the perfect spot to find exactly what they need because there is over 4,000 businesses shown. All listed businesses have pledged to adhere to the biblical principles of running a business, even if they are not Christian. This paradigm includes stewardship, and also a biblically based dispute resolution process among other things.

For Christian businesses, this is the most cutting-edge way to expose their business to the attendees of some of America’s largest churches. It’s perfect for businesses anywhere in the country who are interested in growing their business among the Christian community. It is also very reasonably priced, with Text advertising rates starting at just $1.95 a month.

ChristianList USA is a great way for Christians and non-Christians alike to support and encourage one another in their daily lives. The truth is, when commerce follows biblical principles, outcomes are better, so get on board today.

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