Choosing Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Churches


It’s without question that understanding the benefits of both Google Ads and Facebook Ads is important for churches looking to grow. As people are spending more and more time online, churches must find new ways to connect with individuals who are searching for spiritual answers and meet them wherever they are.

Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing Pages

Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing Pages

Church landing pages can improve your church’s next Google search campaign. A Google search campaign is made up of advertisements shown within Google search results after a person searches for a specific term. When it comes to online searches, Google makes the rules.
They use a complex algorithm to help connect those searching with the most relevant data.


How Church Landing Pages Help both Google Search and Google Display Campaigns

Church landing pages can help boost your church’s next Google Ad Campaign. Google is always looking to connect those searching with the most relevant content. This search extends to the ads they choose to show people. If an ad says, “New Year Resolutions,” but takes people to a website filled with vacuum cleaners,

the value of clicks

Comparing the Value of Clicks: Google Search vs Google Display

Traffic can come to your site from a number of different sources. It can come directly from people who already know of your website, or it can come from people conducting a search in Google and finding your site appearing organically in the search results. Traffic can also arrive at your site from a variety of your own marketing efforts.

Church Landing Page Subscriptions

8 Ways You Can Help Google Grow Your Church

Google can help grow your church. When it comes to church growth, gone are the days hoping new people will show up on your church’s front door merely because you exist. In fact, authors of Churchless found the number of those not attending a church anywhere has risen from 30% in 1990 to 43% in 2014 (info graphic).

church google quality score

Church Google Quality Score

Your Church Google Quality Score matters, although most churches didn’t build their websites with the aim of achieving a high Google Quality Score for important keywords. This results in many churches websites not appearing when people are searching for relevant keywords in Google. It also limits the effectiveness of paid Google Search Campaigns.

Church Google Ad Groups

Church Google Ad Groups

Church Google Ad Groups ensure that your website is not only found on Google, but found by the right people: people who are hurting, and those who need help.
Every day, people are searching to meet felt needs that churches can help them with, but it seems that many people are turning to the internet for answers.

Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns

Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns

11 million people per month are searching Google in the United States to meet their felt needs for crisis support, prayer support, marriage support, parenting support, community outreach, serving, youth activities, grief care, addiction recovery, Bible study, nearby churches, life groups, personal finance, and also a variety other services provided by churches.