How Churches Should Post on Google My Business

How Churches Should Post on Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most important pieces of your church’s Local SEO. In a study done by Moz in 2018, it found that GMB Signals (meaning, what your GMB property is telling Google) was the most important contributing factor toward local search rankings. GMB Signals accounted for an estimated 25.12% of what Google used to determine local search rankings,

Google Algorithm Update For Page Experience

With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, it can be challenging to keep up with everything new.  While much of Google’s algorithm remains a mystery, Google recently announced that they were rolling out a new update that focuses on-page experience as a key ranking factor.  You might be wondering, “how does this impact my church’s website”? 

Digital Church Growth Strategies for 2020

Normal, everyday life in 2020 would typically prompt churches to consider the ways they could strengthen their digital presence. After all, the world today consists of people checking out establishments — whether they’re stores, restaurants, hotels, or yes, churches — online first, before ever visiting them in person. People use search engines like Google to get critical information about a business,

Claiming Your Pastor’s Google Knowledge Panel

Well-known people, organizations, sports teams, musicians, and places have what’s known as a Google Knowledge Panel. When you search for a public figure or widely-known place, you’ll come across the Knowledge Panel on the right-hand of the screen. For example, if you type in “Paul McCartney,” the famous musician’s panel appears to the right of the search results,

Choosing Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Churches


It’s without question that understanding the benefits of both Google Ads and Facebook Ads is important for churches looking to grow. As people are spending more and more time online, churches must find new ways to connect with individuals who are searching for spiritual answers and meet them wherever they are.

Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing Pages

Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing Pages

Church landing pages can improve your church’s next Google search campaign. A Google search campaign is made up of advertisements shown within Google search results after a person searches for a specific term. When it comes to online searches, Google makes the rules.
They use a complex algorithm to help connect those searching with the most relevant data.


How Church Landing Pages Help both Google Search and Google Display Campaigns

Church landing pages can help boost your church’s next Google Ad Campaign. Google is always looking to connect those searching with the most relevant content. This search extends to the ads they choose to show people. If an ad says, “New Year Resolutions,” but takes people to a website filled with vacuum cleaners,