Long-Tail Keywords

Using Long-Tail Keywords for High Impact Online Ads

Effective advertisements are the key to your church connecting with searching souls online. But, before you commit any money to online ads, it’s important to think through your strategy to optimize the effectiveness of your advertisements. Basically, the better your ads connect with individuals potentially interested in your ministry or church,

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We’re Not New to Church Writing Services

At Missional Marketing, we’re not new to church writing services. We have been providing church writing services for a long time, along with a number of other church marketing services.
However, with the increased trend for churches to outsource their writing services, we have decided to launch this website solely dedicated to the church writing service we provide.

Church Landing Pages Reach Unchurched People

Church Landing Pages Reach Unchurched People

Most people search online because they are looking for an answer to a question, or solve a specific problem they have. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer to most questions, therefore a single home page cannot deliver to all just what they need. This is where church landing pages come into play and how they can make your online presence count.

Welcome New Churches

Our heart is to help local churches reach unchurched in their community! Each month, we are thrilled to bring on new churches to serve. These churches use a variety of the products we’ve created or offer. They’re jumping into products such as church SEO audits, keyword analyzer tool, website development and consulting,

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Organic Versus Paid Church Web Traffic

Many churches face the same problem with their online presence. They have built their website, but there is no one visiting the site. This is the number one problem faced by most churches when it comes to their online efforts. Luckily, this is a problem that can be effectively rectified. The way that most churches increase their church web traffic is through search engines.

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Every minister has felt some level of frustration after Christmas and Easter Sunday. Church attendance peaks, prayers are answered, and the atmosphere is amazing. Next Sunday comes and it is back to business as usual, mostly. Church Retargeting Campaigns can help you change that.
How people find their way to your church,

Facebook Click-through Rate

Achieve Facebook Click-Through Rate over 2-1/2 Times the Industry Average

People don’t go online today…they live online. The Unchurched and Churchless generally take their first step toward Christ by clicking on an online ad. Over the last 18 months, Missional Marketing has placed over 12,500,000 Facebook ads targeting Unchurched and Churchless users for churches and ministries in America. On average, our Facebook Click-Through Rate (CTR) has been 2.45%,