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Unlocking the Power of Volunteers: Building Healthy Ministry Teams for Church Growth

Volunteers play a crucial role in the growth and success of church ministries. In a recent episode of the Missional Marketing Podcast, Bart Blair welcomed Nick Blevins, a pastor at Community Christian Church in Baltimore, to discuss the untapped potential that exists when volunteers are utilized effectively. Nick shared his insights and experiences,

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The Power of Digital Lead Generation: Strategies and Results

In today’s digital age, lead generation is an essential aspect of any effective marketing strategy. Colt Straub, a visionary leader from Cornerstone Church in Midwest City, Oklahoma, has embraced the concept of lead generation and witnessed remarkable results. In this article, we delve into Colt’s philosophy behind investing in lead generation campaigns,

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Navigating Social Media for Church Leaders: Insights from The Wolf in Their Pockets

In this age of social media, our consumption habits have undergone a significant transformation, leading to both opportunities and challenges. As we navigate the vast landscape of online content, it has become apparent that our capacity to process information has been outpaced by the speed at which it is delivered. 
In this blog post,

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Stop Wasting Your Church’s Money on Facebook and Instagram Ads: Key Strategies to Maximize Your Church’s Digital Advertising

In our digital world, digital marketing is a great way to spread the word about your church to people you haven’t met yet! The challenge of this is figuring out how to optimize your ads so your ideal audience will see them. Many churches think simply paying for advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram will produce results.

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Should Our Church Manage Its Own Google Ad Grant? Consider 5 Tips from Marketing Pros

Limited budgets confine many churches and nonprofits. Since Christian organizations acknowledge every gift is from God, they try to steward their resources with wisdom. In the process of finding this balance, Google Ad Grants can be a game changer. The $10,000 in paid ads that Google gives qualifying nonprofits can drive more traffic to your website and,

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10 Tips to Maximize Your Church Website Like a Pro

In a recent webinar hosted by, Jason Hamrock, CEO of Missional Marketing, shared valuable insights on how churches can effectively utilize their websites. During the webinar, several thought-provoking questions were posed by David Fletcher, the founder of XPastor, uncovering key considerations for optimizing church websites. If you’ve been wondering how to optimize your church website,

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Enhancing Church Communication: The Power of Story-Based Emails

When you know how to tap into the world of story-based emails, they will begin to revolutionize your church’s weekly newsletter. In a recent episode of our Missional Marketing podcast, communications coach Maddie Hall helps you discover practical strategies for incorporating compelling narratives into your email communications. Story-based emails are powerful tools for engaging and inspiring your congregation.

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The Importance of Creating Digital Content for Evangelism and Discipleship

The Importance of Creating Digital Content for Evangelism and Discipleship
As a church branching out into producing digital content, how do you know where to start? Most churches realize they need to put more content online, but don’t know what to focus on first. We interviewed Patrick Miller on the Missional Marketing podcast to hear how he helped his church build a website filled with digital content,

The Biblical Basis for Church Marketing

Does the word marketing leave a bad taste in your mouth when it’s in the same sentence as the words church or ministry? Most Christians have seen church marketing go bad more times than they can count. When done poorly, it comes off as gimmicky and tacky. 
Our goal as God’s people should not be to “sell Jesus.” So most good churches want to differentiate themselves from the Christians who focus more on money-grabbing and magic tricks than true discipleship.

How Will the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Update Impact Your Church?

Google Analytics Update 
When you install Google Analytics on your church’s website, you can measure page views, events, and transactions. However, Google has recently made a major update to Universal Analytics (UA), also known as Google Analytics 3 (GA3). This product update will change how your website interacts with Google. 
GA4 is the next generation of analytics.