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30 Scriptures On Giving That You Can Use For Your Next Church Offering Campaign

Perhaps your church has an upcoming offering drive, and you find yourself looking for ways to encourage your congregation to generously give.  While most churches rely on donations from their members, it can be challenging to receive enough offerings to support your ministry.  A great way to approach increasing giving within your church is by communicating to your church why giving is so vital to your ministry,

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Maximizing Church Website Engagement

Is your church looking to increase church website engagement?  Even though your church might have a great-looking website, if it’s not leading to meaningful user actions and meeting your church’s online goals, then it’s not performing as well as it could be.  There are quite a few reasons you should invest time and resources into optimizing your church’s engagement.

How To Keep Online Church Visitors Engaged

In today’s digitally driven world, one of the major key success factors for churches is having a strong online presence.  With COVID-19 causing many churches to transition fully to online, many pastors and church leaders are looking for answers on how to keep online church visitors engaged. It can be challenging for churches to navigate keeping online users active throughout the week and feeling connected to the church. 

Church Christmas Advertising Campaign

How to Run A Church Christmas Advertising Campaign

With December quickly approaching, your church has likely already begun planning for the Christmas season. For most churches, Christmas services are some of the highest attended out of the entire year.  Around Christmas, unchurched people are usually more open to attending church, making Christmas a great time to target new people. 

Free Church Advertising, Is It Possible?


For many Churches, even in a pre-COVID world, money can be tight. Not only does your pastor and staff need salaries, but you also have other operating expenses like rent/mortgage, building maintenance, bibles, learning materials, and resources for specific ministries. On top of that, money also needs to be available for helping those in need in the Church,

Website Call-to-Action Samples from the 100 Largest Churches in the U.S

Optimizing Calls-to-Action on a church’s website can greatly increase online conversion rates. A conversion can be defined as any action that a user takes on a website that’s a desired performance goal, such as submitting a prayer request, watching an online sermon, or clicking a “Plan a Visit” button.  You can consider a highly converting church website to be an effective one,

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Christian Marketing Agency

Now more than ever, people desperately need Jesus and the story of the Gospel. Allocating resources towards marketing is a great way to reach your church’s growth goals.  Marketing allows churches to communicate better with their community by reaching new people and spreading the love of God.  However, even deciding where to start can be daunting. 

Felt Needs Landing Pages Are the Secret to Google Ad Grant Performance

Is your church ready to take your Google Ad Grant campaign to the next level?  Felt needs landing pages built in a subdomain are a great strategy to help your church get the most out of your Google Grant. 

A subdomain is a domain within the site’s primary domain that allows content to be better categorized for users and search engines.