Reaching Unchurched Men With Car & Bike Campaign

Reaching Unchurched Men With Car & Bike Campaign

Reaching unchurched men and drawing them to a church can be challenging. We recently did a successful campaign for Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV), a multi-campus church located in Phoenix Arizona that contracted with us to promote this event.
We applaud CCV’s sound thinking for planning an event with the potential to reach this demographic.

Church Retargeting

Church retargeting brings visitors back to your church’s website. In turn, website traffic helps your church grow.
Retargeting and remarketing are synonyms that describe a technique for showing ads to people who have previously visited your church’s website when they are surfing the web or in Facebook. This is accomplished by placing code on your website that “cookies”

online banner ads

Postcards Versus Online Banner Ads

Christian and church communications professionals have relied upon postcards for geo-targeted outreach for decades. Has the time come to abandon their use in favor of online banner ads, or are they still a useful communication tool?
Postcards Versus Online Banner Ads
Online advertising is a mandatory tool in any modern communications plan,

Annual Church Advertising Plan

Church advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram all year long.
Annual Church Advertising Plan

We waive $300 worth of campaign set-up fees, and your church also receives a generous quantity of free bonus impressions. As a result, cost of entry is kept low.
Your church pays a level payment amount every month and the impressions are adjusted each month according to the church’s plan.

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Church Marketing. Is it Biblical?

The phrase ‘church marketing’ evokes varying responses from the pastoral community. We have done hundreds of marketing campaigns for churches and the vast majority of the pastors we talk with are enthusiastic about the services we offer.
On the other hand, some of the church staff members who see ads that we run promoting our church marketing services to churches raise their eyebrows when they read ‘church marketing’.

Google Church Display Advertising

Church ads in the Google Church Display Network can reach 92% of all Internet users in the U.S. It’s an amazing way to find new attendees and grow your church. Google Church Display Advertising places your church’s ads on news sites, blogs and other websites across the Internet to reach new potential church attendees.

Church YouTube Advertising

Here are the details for church YouTube advertising provided by Missional Marketing.
We’ll show video ads for your church on YouTube. The good news is you don’t pay for random impressions or “maybe-they-saw-its”. Viewers have to choose to watch your video and your costs are minimal.
You can show videos that play longer than 30 seconds,

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Church Advertising Online On Porn Sites?

Why was Celebration Church advertising online on pornography sites? This Jacksonville, Florida based church put a lot of thought into their Sex and Sensibility Series.
They retained our Church Advertising Agency to put together an online church advertising campaign to drive traffic to this series’ website. We researched and assembled a list of pornography keywords and websites to fill the order.

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Church Facebook Advertising

Facebook is to the modern church as the Gutenberg printing press was to the Reformation. Church Facebook Advertising is a revolutionary communication tool that reaches people, so it is vital you start implementing it today.
Facebook is required for communications within the church body and is also an incredibly effective tool to reach outside the walls of the church.