Top 5 Topics Millennials Want Churches to Address

Churches around the country are trying desperately to reach millennials, many of whom grew up attending church and ultimately decided it wasn’t for them. In efforts to make church activities appear “trendy” and to attract this younger generation, churches have employed a wide variety of strategies in recent years. The music,

Church Growth Flywheel: 5 Practical Systems to Drive Growth at Your Church

Supporting Church Growth Flywheel Systems with Online Church Marketing

In his book, Church Growth Flywheel: 5 Practical Systems to Drive Growth at Your Church, author Rich Birch provides a steady stream of useful tips and practices for churches to enact to achieve maximum growth potential. In this post, we discuss actionable ways to support his 5 practical church growth systems with online church marketing.

Some Churches are Like Netflix and Some are Like Blockbuster

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a world where technology rules. Brick and mortar businesses are struggling with the astronomical growth of the global online market and still trying to figure out how to compete. Some, like Netflix are experiencing continual growth while others, like Blockbuster, have failed.

Church Growth in the Age of Amazon

The Digital Change
 The church is sitting on the ledge of immense change. Bob Dylan was right, “The times they are a changin’.” We could call this the digital age, but some have referred to it as the age of Amazon. Whether we like it or not, in this new world,

Church Growth Fueled by Church Web Traffic Growth

Church Growth Fueled by Church Web Traffic Growth

Churches are rightly concerned about diminishing congregations. While the numbers vary, according to Dr. Richard J. Krejcir, “every year more than 4000 churches close their doors.” Additionally, Krejcir asserts, “every year, 2.7 million church members fall into inactivity.” True answers to this problem are nuanced, but one avenue worth exploring is,

church stewardship ministry growth campaigns

Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Campaigns

Church Stewardship Ministry Growth Campaigns provide traffic to your Church Stewardship Ministry from people seeking help with budgeting, retirement, and debt.
Did you know that every day people outside the church and around your campus search for a ministry you offer? Doesn’t it make sense to connect with these people and let them know you have a solution to their problem?

church plant

Church Plant and Shoes for Kids

When Trace Christian Church begin as a church plant, they did so wanting to grow by inviting people to serve. How? By raising shoes for the foster care system in Colorado. Kicks for Kids was a huge success. We stepped in to help spread the word and make that happen. The campaign was launched and they hit the ground running as a new church.

Debt Free Church

Debt Free Church: Journey Church

Journey Church’s Efforts for a Debt Free Church
Is it possible to have a debt free church? Journey Church—a safe and stable congregation in Roswell, Georgia, a bustling suburb of Atlanta—would say YES!
It began with a whisper, a call from on high. The message was clear and unwavering: “Sell Everything.” In February of 2016 they did just that,

Digital Church Growth Measurement

Digital church growth measurement is an important way for church leaders to understand how their church growth curve is progressing.
Here are channels that should be measured:

Monthly church website visits
Church Facebook Likes
Church Google activity
Size of church’s email list
Other digital church growth measurement
Church Facebook activity
Church Video Channel views

Digital Church Growth Measurement
When digital traffic is going up,

church growth

Church Growth – Inviting the Outsiders In

Church growth involves reaching non-believers who are in various stages of their faith journey. Some are seekers and some are advanced in their understanding of scripture, their prayer life, and their involvement with the church, or lack thereof. This varied audience necessitates different messaging outside the walls of the church than within the current body.

Church Web Traffic Precedes Church Growth

If you want a reliable way to predict church growth, plot the curve on their church web traffic. Usually, if the church web traffic is trending upward, then the church likely growing. If the church web traffic is trending downward, then the church is likely shrinking. In fact, web traffic is as important to measure as church attendance.