Case Study: Partnering with Missional Marketing Helped Fierce Church Be Found on GoogleLast Updated: July 8th, 2024

In a bustling world that never stops to rest, every church needs a little help to multiply their efforts and see real results without burning out their staff. That’s why Fierce Church hired Missional Marketing to support their online efforts and bring as much local online traffic to the church as possible. They needed not only a service provider, but also a reliable partner who understood their needs and helped them stay on mission while connecting with more people in their community.

Missional Marketing specializes in this kind of individualized partnership with the churches we coach, catering their marketing efforts to needs unique to their community. As we help churches see real results, nothing brings us more joy than hearing warm testimonials from our clients. We recently sat down with our friends from Fierce Church to discuss their experience of working with us. Here are their stories.

Client Testimonials of Great Online Marketing for Churches

Mark Carter, the founding pastor at Fierce Church, shared about the increase their church has seen in visitors who discovered them through an online search:

“The thing I hear most often is people find us on Google—like it is the answer everybody gives…

I just point back to all the work [Missional Marketing] has done over the past few years. I never used to hear that, and I hear it all the time now.”

His colleague, Heather, agreed, “It’s funny because I’m watching our numbers growing and WOW, there’s more new people that I do not recognize than old people. It’s been cool. And I honestly attributed it all to you guys.”

A Successful Church Easter Campaign

As with many churches, Easter is one of the biggest church services and outreach opportunities of the year. So Fierce Church wanted to invest in their marketing campaign and connect with the people in their community looking for a church. Through their partnership with Missional Marketing, they ran Google Display ads- with great results.

Missional Marketing initially estimated the ads they ran would receive approximately 10,000 impressions. Their ads ended up receiving more than 54,000 impressions (That’s how many times their ads were shown). This resulted in a click-through rate that was almost double the average Google Display Ads usually bring in. The ads they ran through Facebook had similarly impressive results, receiving up to a 13% click-through rate. So overall, just with their Easter-themed ads alone, Fierce Church received more than 2,000 clicks to their website.

How to Have a Strong Online Presence

Most churches that work with our team at Missional Marketing come to us because they have a lot to offer their local community and simply need help cultivating an engaging online presence that will direct new visitors to their doors. Though our approach varies with each church, there are several things we’ve seen produce consistent results, including those we used with Fierce Church.

Using Google Ad Grants for Churches

In addition to investing in strong ad campaigns, Fierce Church partnered with Missional Marketing to optimize their Local SEO, so their online presence could connect most strongly with people in their geographic region who are most likely to visit their campus. They ran ads using the Google Ad Grant. By leveraging the $10,000 in ad spend that Google grants qualifying nonprofits, they were able to elevate their online presence without breaking their budget. But because utilizing the grant, formulating successful ads, and managing the different aspects of SEO are fairly technical, the experts at Missional Marketing handled the details while Fierce Church celebrated the results.

As they received new visitors, the church saw a corresponding increase in their number of Google reviews. The coaches at Missional Marketing advised them to respond to their Google Business Profile reviews, which demonstrates how active and responsive their church is, especially since “Fierce Church Reviews” was a keyword people were Googling to learn about the church.

Google Search Ads for Churches

As Missional Marketing optimized their online presence, Fierce Church felt a growing burden to be sure every ad and search result was showing up for people in their region. In addition to customizing their ads, Missional Marketing started a running Google Search subscription, paying monthly to be in the top Google search results for the keyword “Find a church” when people within a specific geographic radius typed the phrase into their Google search bar. This was successful, converting to a 4% click-through rate compared to the Google average of 1%.

Real-Life Landing Pages

To further demonstrate that Fierce Church is passionate about meeting the needs of the people in their community, Missional Marketing installed a series of landing pages as a subdomain of their website, providing answers to commonly searched questions. The Real-Life landing pages are a collection of pre-written, lead-generating pages designed to answer common faith questions people in a church’s community are asking, generating new leads and driving people to plan a visit. Fierce Church discovered the three most highly performing pages on their website are about forgiveness, a marriage assessment, and Bible facts. These pages are capturing the interest of people searching for answers online and converting them to website visitors.

Results from Working with Missional Marketing

Overall, working with Missional Marketing has produced impressive results for the team at Fierce Church. Over the past few years, they have utilized $8,000-$10,000 a month in Google Ad Grant money. Not only that, but the Google Ad Grant currently makes up 50% of all traffic that hits their church website, which means it is the largest source of traffic to their site. In April alone, the Google Ad Grant generated more than 1,200 clicks to their website and Real-Life landing pages.

To further optimize their local presence, Missional Marketing managed subscriptions and ad campaigns through Google Search and Google Performance Max. While the Google Search ads drive traffic to the church website, the Performance Max ads consistently drive traffic to the church’s Google Business profile, where new visitors leave reviews. Just in April, these ads were shown to almost 10,000 local users, resulting in nearly 400 clicks. Because they are community members who are actively searching online for a local church, these clicks are incredibly valuable and most likely to convert into real face-to-face interactions.

How to Optimize Your Church Marketing

If your church wants to see results like these and connect with more people in your community, it starts with updating your online presence. Many churches have nice websites, but there is no way to find them online. The expert coaches at Missional Marketing are ready to help assess your church’s online presence to determine how you can be more easily found on Google.

Every church has different needs. Our coaches are ready to help you explore strategies to reach more local people in your specific community. Whether you’re a church of 100 or 20,000, we’re ready to help you reach the next level. Book a call today to chat with one of our coaches.


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