Do you want to live a life of purpose and victory through your business?
Do you want to use your business as a tool to make a greater impact?

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There’s no manual on how you do business!

So our partners from BUSINESSGoals Logo are helping to create one.

Business Goals Ministry helps take your business from average to extraordinary. With key insights to accelerate and advance the mission and vision of your business, Business Goals will help take your business to the next level for Jesus Christ!

This program is focused on helping you get the most out of your business potential by aligning your business practices with your purpose.

Business Meeting

Each Business Goals ministry class is guided by a facilitator who has experienced the challenges of leading people, handling operations, and perpetuating the culture of an organization within teams. These experienced leaders have successfully led their organizations through the course to help achieve their goals.


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Class attendees should be committed to attending at least three classes.

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We believe in a key biblical success principle for prosperity - tithing. The principles that you activate throughout this course will supercharge your business.

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Fill Your Seat

If you found value in the class, recommend it to someone they know who would also benefit from the class. This helps perpetuate the ministry at your church and ultimately brings in people not yet attending a church. This ministry has become an outreach for most churches as many class attendees fill their seat with people from outside the church.

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Make a Donation

If you found value in the class, make a donation equal to that value.

Do you have experience as a church or business leader?
Have you completed CHURCHGoals Logo or BUSINESSGoals Logo?

Train the next group of leaders by becoming a facilitator!

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If you are ready to take the next step in your leadership journey and you have completed CHURCHGoals Logo or BUSINESSGoals Logo courses, you can become a Business Goals Facilitator.

As your church trains new leaders through Business Goals and Church Goals, we equip you to continue in your leadership and volunteer development journey through your own Church or Business Goals ministry at your church.

We make giving back to your church and business community easy!

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Virtual Classes

Classes are video-based and can be conducted virtually.

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East-to-follow Script

Facilitators are provided an easy-to-follow script for each session and for mid-week calls.

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Class Size

Small class sizes are easy to manage. The ideal class size is 12-14.

Facilitators are empowered to lead the classes, manage student needs between classes and guide students as they apply the principles they learn to their own businesses.

Not there yet? No worries, the Business Goals ministry provides Facilitators to support your ministry until your church is able to take over.

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Launch a BUSINESSGoals Logo Ministry for Your Church

“...Finally the Church has something to offer to the business owners, leaders, managers, and employees in our church.”

The BUSINESSGoals Logo program was established in 1996 and has been taught to companies around the country ever since.

In 2005, the CHURCHGoals Logo program was birthed to provide Churches with proven guidelines for church operations, leadership development, and a system for church growth and discipleship. Both Business Goals and Church Goals are ministries of Thrive and Bayside Church.

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  • A date is determined to launch the ministry.
  • A few weeks before the launch date, we recommend updating your social media sites advertising the Business Goals class.
  • Two weeks before the launch date, Business Goals will provide flyers to be handed out to your congregation, a video announcement introducing the ministry, and links for people to sign up.
  • Senior leadership at your church should make individual invitations to key business leaders in your church to attend the class.
  • One week before class, Business Goals sends class materials to attendees as well as reminders via email to those enrolled.
  • The Business Goals enrollment process, class participation, reminders and follow-up processes for the attendee and Facilitator is fully automated for a smooth and professional experience.
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Financial Support

We have developed the following financial model to help grow this ministry and support your church.

  1. There is a $129 deposit required for each class attendee.
    • This can be paid by the church, or passed on to attendees.
    • This is refundable, if the attendee finds no value in the class and does not make a donation.
  2. Donations at the end of the class remain with your church.
  3. Historically, the average donation per attendee has been a little over $500.
  4. All tithes remain with your church.

For more information:

Business Goals
8205 Sierra College Blvd. 916-316-5320
Granite Bay, CA 95661