Boost Engagement with Church Sermon VideosLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

Church sermons have the power to transform lives. A pastor’s preaching can influence a person to flee addiction, follow after God, or even to fix their family. But, so often a powerful message is given on a Sunday, then left to only the memories of those who were in lucky enough to be in attendance that day.

But, imagine if your church kept an active library of your sermon videos. Imagine if congregants suddenly had the power to share sermons online. What if Google started sending those searching for answers to life’s biggest questions-to your sermon library for answers?

This can happen with Missional Marketing’s Church Video Sermon Library. A Church Video Sermon Library has the ability to boost engagement and web traffic to your church website overall.

How it Works

Once a sermon video is uploaded into the sermon library, it’s organized by category, and paired with specific keywords associated with the sermon. A transcript of each sermon will also be created, again focusing on specific keywords associated with each sermon.

The keywords indicate to Google what information your webpage holds. The more relevant Google finds your information, the more likely it will connect those searching to your site. But, optimizing your sermon library for Google is not the only way a video sermon library will boost engagement with your church website.

A video sermon library gives congregants in your church a chance to share new content from your church. Those individuals who attend your church regularly would love to invite their friends to church and share their faith, but they aren’t sure how.

Church Sermon Videos Can Help Congregants Share Their Faith

A video sermon library gives the people in your church an opportunity to share their faith through social media. A person attending your church can share links to specific sermons in your video sermon library. If they know a person struggling with an issue recently discussed in a sermon, all they’d have to do is share the link to that sermon with the person.

A Video Sermon Library will boost engagement and web traffic naturally through search engine optimization. It also does this through social media sharing. If your church is looking to increase web traffic, consider beginning a Video Sermon Library today.

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