Benefits of a Church Business Directory

Benefits of a Church Business Directory for Small Business OwnersLast Updated: March 18th, 2020

A church business directory is an old practice that is finding new relevance in the digital age. Online Church Business Directories advertise the businesses of those in the church and beyond. This flexible platform is an asset to the church, and also to the congregation. Church Business Directories connect believers and non-believers through business, and they connect those inside the church with one another. A Church Business Directory makes business visible to the congregation, and congregations respond with their investment. It’s a reciprocal relationship that benefits everyone. While church business directories are a great resource to all types of businesses, they are a particularly strong range of benefits of a Church Business Directory for small business owners.

Benefits of a Church Business Directory

A Church Business Directory makes businesses visible to the congregation

There are many reasons to shop at a small business. However, small businesses often lack the resources necessary to adequately market their company. Inclusion in a Church Business Directory is an affordable way to market the business. Because a Church Business Directory makes business visible to the congregation, many people are exposed to small businesses in the same way that large companies are able to reach them through traditional advertising. Moreover,  ChristianList USA, served by Missional Marketing, expands exposure beyond the church to include the vast number of churches already collaborating with Missional Marketing. A Church Business Directory makes businesses visible to a congregation both in the local church and beyond.

A Church Business Directory levels the playing field.

Being a part of a church business directory means submitting to guidelines that are biblical, fair, and applicable to everyone. With Missional Marketing, all companies agree to biblical principles of running a business, even if they are not a Christian business or business owner. Additionally, Church Business Directories free church staff from the responsibility of making personal recommendations, which levels the playing field by eliminating personal bias or familial recommendations.

A Church Business Directory mitigates risk.

Small businesses have little room for error, so reducing risk is a vital part of business. A Church Business Directory from Missional Marketing mitigates the risk for the business owner in several ways. Most prominently, small business owners are susceptible to damaging bad press. Without the financial and staff resources of larger companies, small business may not be able to recover from a bad review or from a customer with bad intentions. So Church Business Directories by Missional Marketing offer moderated customer reviews and biblical conflict resolution principles to help with this. These tools help small businesses compete more evenly with large companies while offering them a layer of protection that helps them thrive in their business.

The flexibility and immediacy of the internet are revitalizing the Church Business Directory. They have countless benefits for churches and businesses. Church Business Directories are a relatively affordable practice that can benefit everyone. However, the benefits of a Church Business Directory for small business owners are particularly compelling. Additionally, they level the playing field for small business owners by allowing them the same opportunity for exposure that larger companies enjoy. Finally, Church Business Directories mitigate risks for small business owners and allow them to operate with confidence and excellence. Life is an investment and also a connection. One way that manifests is through business, and small businesses benefit when they take part in a Church Business Directory.

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