We offer our clients a range of tools that help them to monitor and optimize their campaigns. We can provide you with a custom built dashboard that will track and display the metrics that are most important to your church and its online performance.

You can track all of your online marketing in one dashboard, as it will contain data from your Social Media, PPC, Google Search and Display, Email and SEO campaigns.

We have already built these dashboards for many churches, and their user-friendly design makes it really easy to see what’s going on with your web traffic at a glance.

The dashboard is customized with data that is important to you, reducing clutter and removing data that’s irrelevant. You simply select the elements that you want to see on your dashboard, and leave the rest to us.

Our dashboards will help you track, monitor and optimize your digital marketing campaigns

Google Campaign Dashboard

Our social media dashboard allows you to quickly and easily see how your campaigns are performing.

You can find out valuable information about your campaigns, such as your Ad Clicks, Ad Impressions, Click-through-rates, how specific pieces of media are performing such as images and videos, what demographics are engaging with your posts the most, and lots more.

church tools

Social Media Dashboard

church tools

Our team can perform detailed keyword research. This will provide us with a lot of information about what people are searching for in your area, and which keywords should be optimized on your website.

We can create a keyword strategy around your ministries, including which keywords have the highest value, and where your website can rank the most effectively.

Your church will also be given a document outlining keywords to be implemented in your blogging strategy moving forward.

Sample Dashboards

sample dashoboards
sample dashoboards
sample dashoboards
sample dashoboards
sample dashoboards
sample dashoboards

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