Address People's Felt Needs with Church Landing Pages

Address People’s Felt Needs with Church Landing PagesLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

Church landing pages have the ability to address felt needs of people. Felt needs refer to the specific words people type into a Google search bar. A person might be searching for “depression help in (city)”, or “family counseling.” Once a person searches for specific felt needs, Google goes on a hunt to find the most relevant information.

A church landing page will help Google connect your content with those searching for that specific subject. In this way, church landing pages act like a giant billboard along the highway of the internet. It directs Google’s attention to your information. The more specific and relevant your information, the more attention you’ll receive from Google.

The Key to Address Felt Needs

Landing pages are created for one specific keyword (also known as a felt need). They are created to load as quickly as possible. These facts will increase their Google rank so they’ll show up higher in Google’s search results. For example, if your church has a ministry dedicated to helping people with depression, then creating a landing page for that ministry would be ideal.

This landing page would share all about your church’s ministry to those suffering from depression. It would probably also include links to the church’s main web page. But the idea is to create a billboard along the highway of the internet, focused on one felt need (subject), that will capture Google’s attention.

Every day thousands of people search the internet for answers to their deepest needs. A church landing page will help Google see your content and connect that searching soul with your church ministry. If your church has a ministry it hopes to grow, consider creating a landing page focused on a specific felt need for that ministry.

This landing page has the power to immediately lead people to your web page and hopefully to find the help them need through your church.

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