Your church can reach new people and seekers searching Google for solutions to their personal needs better than ever before through our Real-Life Subdomains.



When people are faced with a challenge or problem, one of the first places they often go to for answers is Google. This is especially the case for people who might be seekers or unchurched since they don’t have a strong relationship with God or a church to ask for support. Targeting felt needs keywords in your Google Ad Grant campaign is a great way to reach this audience.

Even though your church might be able to offer help for felt needs, most church websites don’t do a good job conveying their resources, causing a user who might have landed on your site from a Google search to click off the page without finding the information they were looking for. By creating specific landing pages with content directly related to solutions and resources to alleviate a person’s felt needs, your church can help people when they need it most and gently guide them towards your church’s other ministries and offerings.

Felt Needs Landing Pages can be used as a powerful tool in your Google Ad Grant Campaign or as paid advertising to help bring more people to your website and eventually, to an in-person visit.

About Subdomains

You can think of a subdomain as a distinct site that exists within the scope of your church’s main domain. It acts as a subdivision or alias of your church’s website to help better organize your content. Rather than being free-floating pages on your main church website website, our Real-Life Subdomain will house all of these content in one central place.

The major benefit of using a subdomain is that you can directly target seekers and the unchurched who might not connect well with your main church website. A Real-Life Subdomain will position your church as a place of hope, comfort, and support, opening the door for them to potentially attend a service in the future.

How Could Adding Felt Needs Landing Pages Help My Church?


Connect With The Unchurched

With Felt Needs Landing Pages specifically created to reach the unchurched, you’re able to relate to them in a more meaningful way.


Drive Conversions

People that land on your Real-Life Subdomain from an ad will be more likely to remain on the page and take a next step like requesting prayer or watching a sermon.


Works With Google Grants

If your church is eligible for or already has a Google Grant, a Real-Life Subdomain can easily be integrated into the campaign to improve results and spend more of Google’s money.

Site Traffic

Increase Site Traffic

Users who reach your Real-Life Subdomain from an ad have the opportunity to engage deeper, reaching your church’s website. If a user finds the landing page meaningful, they’re more likely to further explore what your church has to offer.

Site Traffic


Does your church want to get the best results from your free Google Grant money? Felt Needs Landing Pages are a highly effective way to help boost your Google Grant ad campaign by maximizing your return on investment. These highly optimized landing pages targeted to felt needs keywords help to increase your Google Quality Score, which in turn, decreases your cost per click.

Check Out These Landing Page Examples

Hope To Marry

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that takes a look at preparing for and moving toward a Biblical marriage.

Exploring Adoption Or Foster Care

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that explores the the impact one could have in the life of a child who would not otherwise have a mother or father.

Talking To Your Child About Race

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that takes a look into the responsibility parents have to help their children understand race from a biblical perspective.

Caring For An Aging Loved One

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that dives deep into the steps to become proactive by understanding some of what this season will bring.

Family Finances

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that takes a look into the steps you can take to master your money in order to be intentional in other areas.

Preparing Your Child For Adolescence

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that helps you prepare your child for adolescence.

Raising A Child With Special Needs

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that is a source of encouragement and hope as you fulfill your calling to parent a child with special needs.

What’s The Meaning Of Christmas?

An example Felt Needs Landing Page that takes a look at the roots of Christmas, which commemorates the birth of Christ and takes place every year on December 25th.


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