Your church can connect with people searching Google for answers to some of the most highly searched questions about life, faith, the Bible, and God through our Real-Life Subdomains.



Every day millions of people search in Google for answers to life’s most difficult questions. While churches are uniquely positioned to provide direction and support for those seeking answers, few church websites directly address these burning and often disputed topics.

We bridge this gap by producing targeted landing pages dedicated to answering these questions while also pointing the searcher towards your church as a resource for their continued exploration.

The Answers landing pages can be connected via the Google Ad Grant or paid advertising to targeted ad campaigns that will help generate new and meaningful traffic for your church website, and ultimately, new visitors to your church.

About Subdomains

A subdomain acts like a division or alias of your main domain that can be used to organize your website content into a separate site. Subdomains are often used to offer specialized content that encourages further action on an organization’s main website.

We’ll create a subdomain branded to your church where Answers landing pages can live. This content will offer hope and comfort, positioning your church as a place to learn more, to meet other people asking the same questions, and to request prayer.

How Could Adding Answers Landing Pages Help My Church?


Capture a New Audience

Using Answers landing pages allows you to connect with seekers or those that may not have a relationship with God. The language, design, and tone of these pages can be adapted to better appeal to these users.


Works with Google Grants

Answers landing pages can improve your Google Grant campaign to make your grant go further and get better results.

Bring more People
Bring more People

Bring More People to Christ

Since Answer Landing pages are targeted to seekers and those who may feel far from God, it’s a great opportunity to open the door to a relationship with Jesus and connect them with your church.


Get a Better Return on Investment

By using highly targeted landing pages optimized for each keyword in your Answers campaign, the quality score of your ads increases, improving your cost per click and cost per conversion.



Does your church want to get the greatest results out of your Google Grant? The Answers Landing Pages are a great way to maximize your ad spend by improving your ROI. Each landing page created can be targeted to a specific keyword, increasing the Quality Score, and lowering the average cost per click. In addition to helping answer users’ tough questions, these landing pages will also naturally guide people towards taking the first steps to attend a service at your church.

Check Out These Landing Page Examples

Did God Create Evil?

An example Answer Landing Page that takes a look at the opinions of both skeptics and atheists, and examines what the Bible says about the creation of evil.

Why Does God Allow Good People To Get Sick Or Die?

An example Answer Landing Page that explores the answer to why God allows good people to get sick or die.

What’s The Difference Between A Higher Power And God?

An example Answer Landing Page that explores the difference between a higher power and God and what different skeptics have to say.

Where Does God Come From?

An example Answer Landing Page that dives deep into all the possible answers to where God comes from.

Why Should I Believe in God?

An example Answer Landing Page that takes a look at why it’s helpful to understand what skeptics and the Bible say about believing in God.

Why Does God Allow Allow Bad Things To Happen?

An example Answer Landing Page that explores the indications from Scriptures as to why a loving and just God would allow suffering.

Is Jesus Really The Son of God?

An example Answer Landing Page that dives into what the phrase — Son of God — really means.

Why Are There Different Religions?

An example Answer Landing Page that takes a look at what skeptics and atheists say about religion as compared to what the Bible says.


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