Grow Church Attendance after COVID

8 Ideas to Grow Church Attendance after COVIDLast Updated: June 29th, 2022

The Impact of COVID-19 on Churches

Grow Church Attendance after COVID

In the spring of 2020, a pandemic caused by COVID-19 temporarily shut down the world. Many churches temporarily stopped meeting during this time and every church was impacted in one way or another. People began watching church from home and engaging with their faith online. Others decided to change churches or temporarily stopped attending church altogether.  As the pandemic has come to an end, pastors have noticed the behavior of congregants has changed. Some members are slowly returning, more are watching online, while others may never return. Churches must now figure out the best ways to grow church attendance after COVID-19. Below are eight ideas to grow your church attendance after the impact of COVID-19.  

Eight Ideas to Grow Church Attendance after COVID

1. Embrace the Process

Building back after the impact of COVID-19 will take time. There’s a good chance it may take a year or two to really see where your church is with attendance. During this time it’s important to embrace the process and not give up. 

As you start back, start small. You probably won’t be able to offer every ministry you had pre-COVID. You may need to cut back and offer less while you build up your attendance and the number of people open to serving. Attempting to go too big too fast will burn out your volunteers.  

Grow Church Attendance after COVID

2. Focus on Church Growth 

When your church began you probably worked hard on growing your attendance. You knew that church growth didn’t happen by accident so you spent time and money inviting your friends and community to events. Now that the pandemic has subsided, it’s time to emphasize these activities once more. It’ll be important for your church to invest the time, energy, and resources that support church growth. 

3. Start a New Sermon Series 

Sermon series give people a place to jump in and connect. As your church attempts to bounce back from COVID-19 consider shorter (4-5 week) sermon series focused on topics relevant to your congregation.  

4. Host an Event 

Grow Church Attendance after COVID

Churches need to find ways to let the community know they’re alive and active after the pandemic. One great way to do this is by hosting an event. This could be a summer kids fest, movie night, free ice cream event, volunteer day, community clean-up, a car show, a food truck day, etc. Choose events that won’t tax your volunteers too much as they are also getting used to attending church on a regular basis post-pandemic.   

5. Advertise Events 

Hosting events or starting new sermon series is not enough. Your church needs to invite local people to your events. You can invite local people to your events through mailers, door hangers, paper invite cards, or online advertisements. Advertising online is one of the most economical and effective ways to reach the most local people on a limited budget. 

If your church is planning a community event, make sure you include money in your budget for online advertising. Ads can be placed on Google, Facebook/Instagram, or both. But you want to make sure local people see the great stuff your church is doing. 

6. Update your Google Business Profile 

Grow Church Attendance after COVID


As people in your community consider attending church again, they’ll probably start by searching for a local church online. You want to do everything possible to make sure that your church shows up for local people searching for terms like “church near me”. 

Log into your Google Business Profile and update your information. This includes updating pictures, responding to reviews, and adding upcoming events. You can get a free report that shows how your church is doing in local search by clicking here.   

7. Take New Guests Seriously


Grow Church Attendance after COVID

Many churches pray that God would send them new visitors. However, is your church prepared to connect with and care for the new visitors He may send? If your church is looking to grow after COVID, make sure you have a process that notices new visitors and helps them take meaningful next steps. It’s a great time to train key church leaders on looking for and connecting with anyone they don’t know. The better your church helps new guests feel like family, the easier it will be for your church to grow.   

8. Build on Success (keep going) 

Make sure your church celebrates every win and keeps going. As you host new events, make sure to follow up and invite event attendees to attend your church services. Celebrate every new visitor story and ensure someone is following up with them. Host multiple “next step” and membership classes over the next few months to give every guest the ability to fully commit to your church.


Finding Help to Grow Church Attendance after COVID 

As the global pandemic has come to an end, almost every pastor across the country is asking how to get people back to church. Unfortunately, we are navigating uncharted territory and there are no magic answers. However, this moment also offers every pastor the opportunity to emphasize outreach and community engagement. 

If your church isn’t sure how to grow church attendance after COVID-19, we’d love to set a time to chat.   

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